10 Highest Ranking Business Schools in Canada

Introduction to Business Schools in Canada

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Canada is the first country to earn an MBA degree outside the United States and is one of the most popular studies abroad destinations in the world for international applicants. There are also employers here seeing continued strong demand for MBA graduates.

Despite this (and like any other study site), the prospects for employment for those studying for an MBA in Canada are at top business schools, regardless of whether they subsequently choose to stay in Canada. Whether or not you graduate will be a major consideration for anyone interested in pursuing a qualification.

The QS World University Rankings: Global MBA Rankings 2020 includes a list of 18 business schools in Canada. The top 10 business schools listed below achieve the highest employment potential scores.

Smith School of Business (Kingston, Ontario)

The Queen’s School of Business has a distinguished history that dates to 1919, making it one of the top business institutions in the world. It boasts an international reputation for its innovative approach to business education. On October 1, 2015, the school opened a new chapter in its impressive history. Recognizing the $ 50 million generous gift of Queen’s graduate Stephen Smith, the school has been given a new name-Stephen JR Queens University Smith School of Business. This special gift is the best given to a Canadian business school, which will continue to transform business education, enhance the student experience and bring the best talent from all over Canada and worldwide. Allows you to attract.

Rotman School of Management (Toronto, Ontario)

The Rotman School of Management is part of the University of Toronto’s global research and academic excellence center. Located in Canada’s financial, commercial, and cultural center, the school takes full advantage of its strategic location by leveraging a wealth of business and government leaders as teachers, leaders, and speakers. Increase. Rotman faculty members have expertise in fintech, risk management, healthcare, and life in her sciences. In the classroom, these top professors provide access to the latest research before entering a consultancy or large corporation.

Ivey Business School (London, Ontario)

Ivy is globally recognized for its excellence and excellent track record of leadership development. Ivey graduates have more executives than any other Canadian business school, and two in five graduates hold senior management positions in the organization. This success is due to Ivey’s state-of-the-art curriculum. Our program incorporates feedback from top recruiters, business leaders, and alumni to ensure that students are able to meet the challenges of today’s business world. Ivey develops and improves leadership skills through five leadership principles. Every day, students learn how to embrace complexity, manage volume, maximize team potential, communicate compellingly, and make decisions over uncertainty.

Desautels Faculty of Management (Montréal, Quebec)

Founded in 1906, McGill University’s Faculty of Business Administration is ranked one of the world’s top international business schools by BusinessWeek, Canadian Business, Forbes, The Economist, and Financial Times. The faculty continues to draw the top students, eminent academics from around the globe, and discerning recruiters from the top employers in the world because of its cutting-edge programs and long history of excellence. Desautels hosts numerous research centers and academic programs at the bachelor’s, master’s, executive and doctoral levels. The curriculum is based on an integrated interdisciplinary model that combines research, practice, and education. This worthy holistic approach prepares students to manage better and lead today’s increasingly connected world. The Desautels Faculty of Business Administration promotes management education, learning, research, and practice by providing world-leading innovative academic and research programs. Faculty members have been determined to have the best international ability to bring together world-leading professors, talented students, and industry professionals to develop global managers and leaders who act with integrity and sense. Contributing to society by building a learning and research environment Personal responsibility.

Alberta School of Business (Edmonton, Alberta)

The University of Alberta MBA is a 20-month full-time program. The University of Alberta MBA accepts 80 students each year and offers a personalized, high-quality experience further enhanced by faculty members in education and other award-winning programs. The program places a high value on teamwork, and small class sizes can facilitate the development of close bonds between students. A team-based learning approach allows you to develop your team and leadership skills while learning with colleagues from different backgrounds. These strong connections contribute to our strong and active alumni network. The University of Alberta MBA requires all students to complete a combination of basic business courses and electives. With eight electives, you can combine courses that best suit your interests to create a degree or pursue one of your formal specialties.

UBC Sauder School of Business (Vancouver, British Columbia)

The University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business is one of the world’s leading academic business schools. Located in vibrant Vancouver, Canada’s gateway to the Pacific Rim, UBC Sauder offers a global business perspective at the dynamic crossroads of international markets.

Ranked 35th in the world for business studies by subject in Times Higher Education’s 2022 World University Rankings and 1st in Canadian business programs in the Maclean Universities 2022 ranking, UBC Souder offers a wide range of graduate programs. These include a full-time MBA, a professional MBA, an international MBA in Shanghai, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Business Analytics, and the unique dual degrees of Bachelor + Master of Business Administration, MBA + MBAN, and MBA + Law.

Schulich School of Business (Toronto, Ontario)

In today’s business world, a graduate degree from Schulich School of Business, Canada’s global business school, is the key to success.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Schulich School of Business is a graduate management education leader with various commitments to developing innovative programs and sustainable business practices for future leaders. We offer undergraduate and graduate programs. Triple bottom line thinking.

When studying business problems in a global world, Schulich School of Business students learns how to manage complexity, uncertainty, and change. Students acquire an international perspective, a solid management education, and diverse skills that accelerate and open doors to careers both in Canada and abroad.

In addition, international students studying in Canada may be eligible to obtain a work permit after graduation for up to three years to begin their career in Canada.

HEC Montréal (Montréal, Quebec)

Founded in 1907, HEC Montreal is one of Canada’s leading business schools with three accreditations (AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS). The school regularly appears in rankings such as Forbes, Times Higher Education, Canadian Business, Poets and Quants, American Economia, and Expansion.

HEC Montréal is proud of its multilingual and multicultural environment that provides students with a learning experience tailored to today’s global business environment. HEC Montreal relies on an excellent pool of world-class professors and researchers to develop talent and accelerate ambition.

John Molson School of Business (Montréal, Quebec)

The John Molson School of Business provides an engaging learning and research environment that inspires us to go beyond the ordinary to advance business and society. The John Molson School of Business has five departments. We have 134 dedicated instructors from 26 countries who can provide a global perspective to your professional business education. Combine this with the expertise of our 173 part-time instructors, and you’ll find a passion for comprehensive, hands-on learning.

DeGroote School of Business (Burlington, Ontario)

Promoting interdisciplinary thinking and evidence-based management for economic and social transformation. To be one of Canada’s top business schools by 2020 and globally recognized as a leader in research, education, and community building, especially in healthcare administration and digital innovation management. Values: We support an environment that values innovative, cross-disciplinary thinking. Promote the creation and application of evidence-based knowledge. We look forward to sincere joint action. Our values ​​and responsibilities to business and society are to advance important new knowledge today and tomorrow. Meaningful education is more than a slogan. It reflects our mission, our vision, and our values. We instill a sense of purpose in our graduates and, at the same time, share the common goal of transforming our business and society. We believe that our new strategic plan will create innovative programs and research that will enable graduates to compete in a fast-paced world. As Dean, I am proud of DeGroote’s history of innovation and excited about our future.

MBA in Canada: Where to Find the Top 10 Employability

Canada’s Top 10 Employability Business Schools, led by Ontario Business Schools, span most of Canada’s major cities.


Only one full-time MBA program in Canada’s Top 10 Employability Offers is offered at Alberta Business School in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital.

Business schools hold recruitment events and interviews throughout the year, but September-November is the busiest time for employers on campus.

To help students satisfy the ideal requirements for an organization’s role, students participate in various activities and outcomes through research and ongoing career coaching.

British Columbia

Seasonal weather, stunning scenery, and friendly locals are just a few reasons to study in British Columbia. A viable option. But don’t forget the importance of technology in this area.

The technology sector offers over 100,000 jobs in British Columbia. -Annual revenue exceeded $ 8.16 million. Therefore, the state is a great option if you are interested in getting a technical job after graduation.

Vancouver, which houses the UBC Sauder Business School, is the third-largest city in Canada. School B’s 16-month program earned Canada’s second highest thought leadership score. Ranked 6th here, Sauder is the only competitor in this top 10 of British Columbia, Canada’s westernmost state. The Hari B. Varshney Business Career Center (BCC) has an MBA Career Coach to help you develop market knowledge and your career.


It’s interesting to note that, according to the 2020 QS Global MBA Rankings, half of Canada’s top five MBA schools are located in Ontario, the country’s most populous province.

Kingston’s Smith School of Business (often ranked as one of Canada’s top business schools), the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and London’s Ivey Business School occupy the top three spots. And given that Ivey’s MBA curriculum is taught using Ivey’s case study methodology (the only case-based program in Canada), it’s no wonder Ivey has done so well. A number of Forte Foundation scholarships are given to deserving female MBA students by the Smith School of Business, the first business school in Canada to join the Forte Foundation.
Seventh is the Schulich School of Business at York University, the second school based in Toronto. The DeGroote School of Business in Burlington at McMaster University is closing the top ten.

The Rotman School of Management was named the best MBA program in Canada according to the 2020 QS Global MBA Ranking. Rotman’s Self-Development Lab (SDL) provides personalized feedback on your behavioral performance and communication style (to name a few). An effective problem solver in business.


Three of the top ten are in Canada’s predominantly French-speaking state of Quebec. All three schools are located in Montreal, Canada’s second most populous city (after Toronto), and most residents have a working knowledge of French and English. McGill University’s Faculty of Business Administration, HEC Montreal, and John Molson School of Business in Concordia all offer full-time MBAs in English. HEC Montreal also offers full-time programs in French.

John Molson scored the highest in Canada’s ROI in this year’s Global MBA Rankings. It’s easy to see why the average student salary is CAD 59,321 compared to CAD 28,571 at graduation.


If I fulfill the minimum criteria for admission to the Rotman MBA Program, what are my chances of entry?

Merely meeting the minimum criteria guarantees that you will be considered for admission to the program. Successful admission often depends on your application and the comparative application of other candidates applying to the same program. Because the admissions process is so tough, most successful applicants greatly outperform the requirements statistically and subjectively.

What is a competitive GMAT score?

We value our holistic admissions approach and take pride in reviewing all parts of your application, including your GMAT/GRE score. We encourage applicants to do their best with a score of 550 or higher (or equivalent GRE), but we consider the overall application much higher than the test score. No minimum score is required, but if your score is below the range shown in your class profile, we encourage you to ask for feedback on the next steps. It is important to note that no test takes precedence over the other, and if you have multiple tests, you can choose to submit all or only your highest score. Your highest and all subsection scores will be taken if you submit multiple tests.

How long does the international MBA program last?

The International MBA lasts for 20 months.

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