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Only three countries come to mind when considering studying abroad: the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada! There will be only one choice for international students regarding affordability, educational quality, and academic excellence. It’s no surprise that, according to Global Education News, Canada was ranked second best for education in 2022 and has been ranked in the top five since 2021! It is a win-win situation for international students because of the Canadian federal government’s hospitable attitude, flexible rules, and wide range of instructional training courses, tuition fees, and living costs. In this section, you’ll find fun facts about Canada.
Canadian educational institutions are world-class and can help you land a well-paying job with an established firm, build an exciting career path and lead the life you desire. Indian Students’ most favorite study abroad destination is Canada. Let us know why!

International Students in Canada: Facts You Need to Know

International students are flocking to Canada because of the high quality of education and work prospects available here. For international students looking for work in Canada, references and recommendations are necessary. Canadian institutions have seen an increase in international students enrolled in their programs. After graduation, many students want to know that they have options for good jobs and the ability to remain in the country permanently. Over 205,000 overseas students attend Canadian universities each year. As you may know, Canada is a popular choice among international students.

Canadian Education Facts You Didn’t Know

There’s no denying that Canada is one of the world’s most popular destinations. It is a popular destination for international students looking to work and study. Public and private schools coexist in Canada’s education system. According to the Canadian constitution, education is primarily a province’s responsibility. As a result of the yearly influx of overseas students, Canada is a veritable treasure trove of trivia. It’s a good idea to study in Canada rather than the US.

Take a look at some of the fascinating information about Canadian schooling that follows first:

  • In 2021, there will be 625,785 international students studying in Canadian public institutions and colleges.
  • According to recent surveys, more than 530,000 international students will get study permits in 2021.
  • As of 2021/2022, there are 1,084,228 students enrolled in postsecondary education institutions.

Which Canadian Universities Attract the Most Indian Students?

Canada is attracting a growing number of overseas students, mainly from India, in quest of higher education, a better standard of life, and job advancement. Canada, a popular destination for international students, has it all. Canada has recently been referred to as having some of the best places to study due to its well-established educational and immigration systems. Canada is indeed the best country in the world to learn since it has more than 100 colleges and universities that provide courses in a wide range of subjects.
The following is a list of the best universities in India for students who want to go on to graduate school:

McGill University

  • Place: Montreal
  • Ranking in Canada: 1
  • Global Ranking: 6

University of Toronto

  • Place: Toronto
  • Ranking in Canada: 2
  • Global Ranking: 11

University of British Columbia

  • Place: Vancouver
  • Ranking in Canada: 3
  • Global Ranking: 16

Carleton University

  • Place: Ottawa
  • Ranking in Canada: 4
  • Global Ranking: 45

Laval University

  • Place: Quebec
  • Ranking in Canada: 5
  • Global Ranking: 76

What Attracts Indian Students to Canada?

Canada has steadily risen to the top of the list of most popular study abroad countries. It is currently one of the most sought-after countries by Indian students for higher education. Indian students are attracted to study in Canada because of the country’s low cost of living, world-class educational institutions, and open immigration rules. Also, make sure you choose a safe and secure location for your studies and a career path that will allow you to thrive. As a result, Canada is an excellent environment for a wide range of activities, from personal growth to improved living to education, the health index, and healthcare. Moving to another country to study abroad is a big deal. In other words, it must be accurate and significant.

Why do tens of millions of Indian students seek higher education in Canada?

Internationally acknowledged, high-quality education, low costs, and a high standard of living.

The Preferences of Indian Students in Canada for Student Housing

If you’re considering coming to Canada to study and need a place to stay, you should look into the options. According to Statistics Canada, approximately 100,000 Indian students learn in Canada each year. Most students prefer to live in a hostel, but this does not imply that there are no other possibilities for housing. As the number of Indian students grows, so does the variety of housing options available to them. According to recent research, on-campus living in Canada can cost anywhere from 6,000 CAD to 16,000 CAD per month. In Canada, off-campus housing can cost anything from 700 to 2200 Canadian dollars per month. Each student should select spare accommodation based on their personal preferences and requirements. Indian students in Canada have a variety of options for where to live:

  • Dormitories
  • Renting a home (studio or shared).

Take a look at the options for renting a condominium:

  • Home-stay

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re looking for student housing in Canada:

  • Ask about the available amenities.
  • Knowing what to expect from the meals
  • Students with disabilities are given special attention (if applicable)
  • Arriving early on campus could be beneficial.

Study Abroad for Indian Students in Canada

Are they interested in discovering more about Indian students studying in Canada and their motivations for making this country their first choice for higher education?

  • In 2021, 215,720 Indian students were studying in Canada.
  • One in five Indian students decides to study abroad in Canada.
  • There will be a yearly increase of 40,000 Indian students in college by 2025.

India sends the most international students to Canada

Regarding overseas students studying in Canadian universities, students from India are at the top of the list. Indian students make up more than a third of all overseas students, followed by those from China, Vietnam, South Korea, and Nigeria.

Students from India should consider these top specializations

According to our research, these are some of the most popular courses among students who plan to study in Canada-

  • Big Data, AI, Data Analytics
  • Marketing
  • MBA
  • Sports Management
  • Law

How much money do Indian students spend?

Based on our research, here is a breakdown of living costs for international students. Regarding the overall cost of living, lodging is the most expensive, followed by food, transportation, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Here is the breakdown:


  • Average Cost: 500 CAD
  • Percentage Share: 33.33%


  • Average Cost: 300 CAD
  • Percentage Share: 20%


  • Average Cost: 200 CAD
  • Percentage Share: 13.33%


  • Average Cost: 500 CAD
  • Percentage Share: 33.33%

To know about expenses in Canada and budget planning for international students, refer to our article: Budget Planning in Canada

International students in Canada: a few quick facts

  • More than 3% of the Canadian population is made up of Indians.
  • Western Union Business Solutions predicts that by 2025, Asian countries will account for over 80 percent of the growth in the international student market.
  • Canada’s economy benefits from the contributions of more than $22.3.6 billion in international students per year.
  • Ontario is Canada’s largest recipient of international students, accounting for roughly half of all international students in the country.
  • From 2010 to 2020, there will be a 135% rise in overseas students in Canada.

Students from India who want to study in Canada should focus on the following areas:

Canada is widely regarded as a good destination for a career in higher education. Because of the high quality of instruction and specialization available to international students is becoming increasingly well-known. Choosing a college can be a difficult decision for many students. More than 325,000 international students come to Canada each year to study various academic disciplines with a solid academic reputation.

Have you considered pursuing a lucrative specialty in Canada to go up the career ladder?

It’s possible you didn’t know about the domain name. For Indian students, the most crucial question is: what are the most popular specialties in Canada?

  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Education in the Early Years
  • Engineering in the field of health care
  • Managing a business
  • Associate Degree in Tourism and Hospitality
  • Finance in the United States
  • Journalists & the Media
  • Science of computers

Indian students can study in Canada with a student visa

Thousands of Indian students dream of studying in Canada. Regarding development and stability, it is one of the world’s most advanced nations. Canada provides a simple student visa application process and system as a prominent study location. The majority of the time, you’ll be awarded a student visa to enter Canada and work while you’re there. In contrast, you go to school and then get your diploma. An IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship) study permit is required for all Indian students who wish to study in Canada. Students from India can apply for a study permit to expedite the visa application process if they meet the following criteria:

The Canadian Student Visa Requirements for Indians

  • Acceptance letter from Canadian educational institution.
  • A current, valid passport or another travel id.
  • A copy of the doctor’s medical exam certificate.
  • An investment certificate guarantees $10,000 (GIC).
  • Proof of the first semester or year’s tuition expenses
  • The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of at least 6.0 is required to prove graduation from the Canadian curriculum high school language exam form (IELTS).

Indian students studying in Canada must meet following documentation requirements

  • Prove you have the money to pay for your schooling, living expenses, and return plane tickets using official proof.
  • A letter of explanation stating why you desire to study in Canada
  • Declaration by the custodian (minors only)
  • Other files

Opportunities for Indian students to promote themselves in Canada

Canada has overtaken the United States as a top choice for international students. A significant portion of this comes from India. It’s projected that by 2025, there will be more than 3,10,000 Indian students in Canada; in 2021, there will be 108,500 of them. International students in Canada will be exposed to a modern, diverse, and well-regarded Canadian education when they come to study here. Students from India can take advantage of various programmes and avenues to gain public relations experience in Canada. Students from India can earn a degree from a Canadian institution or university, allowing them to apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada when they graduate. Students and graduates from other countries will be able to move to Canada more easily as part of a government proposal. The moment has come to relocate to Canada, searching for public relations work.
If you want to become a Canadian citizen, here’s what you need to do:

  • To earn a degree or certificate, you spend two years in Canada.
  • You will receive a work permit for the duration of your training once you have earned your certificate (2 years).
  • Your future PR file will be bolstered if you work full-time in your field of study for at least a year.
  • When your work visa expires, IELTS scores must be good enough to seek permanent residency.
  • An invitation to participate in the FSW (Federal Skilled Workers) express admission lottery will be sent within six months of your application.


Why is Canada best for Indian students?

It has become one of the most popular destinations for Indian students wishing to pursue higher education. For Indian students, the optimum combination is high-quality education, internships, and liberal government regulations on post-study jobs and immigration.

How good is Canada for Indian students?

Students from India flock to Canada in droves. It is undoubtedly one of the safest countries to live and study, coming in at number six on the 2018 Global Peace Index*. Students at Canadian universities are given the utmost priority regarding campus safety.

How many Indian students study in Canada?

As of 2019, there were more than 219,000 Indian students in Canada, accounting for 34% of the country’s international student population.

Do Indian degrees have value in Canada?

Both undergrad and graduate work can be completed outside of the country of residence. If you choose to study in India or overseas, the value is the same. Take the necessary examinations to be considered for admission to the universities of your choice overseas.

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