Here’s how you can get a Study Permit in Canada as an international student


Canada attracts lakhs of international students each year. The high quality of education, multi-ethnicity, research opportunities, and affordable tuition fees are a few of the main factors that attract so many international students to Canada. But, to get into Canadian Universities as an international student, the most important thing you need to have is a study permit or student visa. What is it? What are the requirements to get a Canadian Student Visa?
This blog post will cover the answers to the above questions and many more about Canadian study permits.

What is the use of having a study permit?

A study permit, also known as a student visa, is helpful to international students who wish to study in Canada as it permits them to study in Canada. The validity of this non-immigrant type visa is for the entire duration of the study program and 90 days in addition to that. Because the submission of a visa along with a personal loan application is mandatory, you need to apply for the same without wasting any time.

What is the processing time for getting a Canadian student visa or study permit?

The processing time can even be up to 90 days, but there are certain factors on which the processing time for getting a Canadian student visa or study permit depends. They are as given below in this section itself:

• The visa application type
• Travel restriction during visa application time
• Immigration Department Backlogs
• The authenticity of your application
• The Office’s ease of verifying all the information
• The time you take to respond to the office’s requests

To check the status of your application and the processing time, you can log on to the Government of Canada’s online portal. You need to perform the following steps to check the average processing time:

• When you come to the application type section, select “temporary resident.”
• Select the “Study Permit from outside Canada” option
• Now, to get processing time, click on the “Get processing time” option.

What are the Canadian study permit requirements?

You can refer to this section for Canadian Student Visa Process. Here are the Canadian Student Visa requirements for international students:

• Application at a Canadian University – The first thing you need to do to start the Canadian Student Visa Process is select a DLI-designated Canadian University to study. That’s because you need the Acceptance Letter from a Canadian University to start the Canadian student visa process for application.

• Exemptions from study permit requirements – The exemption from study permit requirements will occur if:

1. Your family member is an accredited foreign representative in Canada (Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada).
2. The duration of your study program is less than six months.
3. You are a foreign armed forces member.
4. Your citizenship belongs to another country, but your status is registered as Indian in Canada.

• Application for a Canadian Student Visa or Study Permit – To begin the Canadian study permit application process, you need to perform the following steps:

Step 1 – Before arriving in Canada, apply online on the CIC or Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Step 2 – Submit the Canadian student visa application documents either online or by post.

Step 3 – Submit the acceptance letter from your University or Designated Learning Institution.

Step 4 – Provide proof of your financial status to prove that you can bear expenses while studying in Canada.

Step 5 – Prove that you don’t have a criminal record by providing proof of the same.

Step 6 – Provide medical records to prove you are fit and healthy.

You can get your study permit processed in two weeks if your family member is working or has applied for a Canadian work permit.

There is a provision of extending your study permit in case:

1. You intend to continue your studies in Canada
2. Your program period is extended
3. You switch to another University

After the expiration of your study permit, you can apply to get a work permit through which you can work full-time or part-time or even start a business.

• Requirements of Documents for Canadian Student Visa – Here are the student visa, Canada, requirements of documents:

1. Completed Application form for Canadian Student Visa
2. University Acceptance Letter (Original)
3. A passport or travel document (Valid)
4. Two Recently taken Pass-port size photographs (Mention your name and Date of Birth at the back)
5. Proof of financial ability to support your education in Canada
6. A letter of purpose
7. Proof of study permit fee payment.
8. If your University is in Quebec, you will need to have a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec, document translations in English and French, your translator’s statement, and original documents’ copies (certified).

 Requirements of Language – If you want a Canadian student visa, you need to submit proof of your proficiency in the English language. A minimum of 6.0 band (IELTS) is required for an undergraduate degree, and for a post-graduate degree, a minimum of 6.5 band (IELTS) is required. Following language tests are accepted in Canada:

2. IELTS Academic
3. PTE Academic
4. C1 Advanced

• Requirements for Biometrics – You may have to get your biometrics taken at the Visa Application Centre of your country, but that depends on the country you belong to. If you get your biometrics taken, you will need to pay a fee of 85 CAD. Depending on your situation, you may even need to sit for an interview.

What conditions does an international student have to meet as a study permit holder?

Students need to follow the conditions listed below, or they may have to forego their student status and Canadian study permit. They may even be asked to go back to their own countries. Students need to follow the below-listed conditions:

• The study permit holder must get admission into a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
• The student must provide proof of your active student status by continuing the entire term of the academic semester, making an effort to complete the programs, and taking authorized leave for less than 150 days.
• The student must inform the Government of Canada when switching post-secondary schools.
• The student must discontinue studies if they cease to meet the requirements of being a student.
• The student must go back to their own country when their permit expires.
• The student must attend the level of studies that their study permit allows them to attend
• The student must check if their study permit allows them to work on-campus, off-campus, or in a co-op work situation or even internship.
• The student needs to report for medical procedures if specified in their study permit.
• The student must check if they can travel inside Canada as per their student visa.
• The student must check the date they must cease studying.


What to do to get a study permit within less processing time?

To get a study permit within less processing time, you can make use of the Student Direct Stream, Canada. You can get your study permit within 20 days at a processing fee of 150 CAD if you apply through it. Students from the following countries can only apply for a study permit through Student Direct Stream, Canada:
• India
• Morocco
• China
• The Philippines
• Pakistan
• Vietnam
• Senegal

Eligibility Criteria:

• Your educational institution’s acceptance letter
• Resident outside of Canada while submitting the application
• Proof of tuition fee payment (to complete the first year)
• A GIC or Guaranteed Investment Certificate of 10,000 CAD
• Medical Exams
• Previously attended school transcripts
• Police Certificates
• Language Test (IELTS – 6.0 or higher, a minimum TEF score of 7)

Steps to apply for a Canadian Student Visa through Student Direct Stream:

Step 1 – Submit the completed application with the biometric fee.

Step 2 – Get your biometrics done within 30 days of receiving a request letter for the same.

Step 3 – Provide medical exams and police certificates

Step 4 – Your application will be under processing

Step 5 – Once your application is approved, you will get a letter of introduction, which you have to show at the airport on arriving in Canada, and electronic travel authorization (ETA) or a temporary resident visa.


Is there any age limit for applying for a Canadian study permit?

 Yes, there is an age limit for applying for a Canadian study permit, and the general age limit is 18 to 35 years. However, the age limit varies based on the province.

What are the reasons for the rejection of the Canadian student visa application?

Here are the reasons:

1. Inadequate Funds
2. Incorrect Program
3. Low Language Proficiency Score
4. Incorrect Documents
5. Failure to submit mandatory documents

What should be my minimum bank balance to apply for a Canadian student visa?

To prove that you can support your studies, you need a minimum of 10,000 CAD per year of your stay in Canada.

What does the Student Visa, Canada cost?

As mentioned above, the Student Visa, Canada cost or fee is 150 CAD.

Is it possible to bring my family to Canada as an international student?

Yes, you can bring your family (dependent spouse or children) to Canada as an international student. You need a valid student visa, an acceptance letter from your institute (DLI), and adequate finance and financial proof to support yourself and your family members in Canada.


We hope you have a clearer idea of getting a Canadian student visa by now. We have clearly explained the process of applying for a Canadian student visa, the requirements for a study permit holder, and everything you need to know about getting a Canadian study permit. The first step is to choose the right educational institution and give your best to your application to get an acceptance letter from a DLI. You need to ensure you meet all the requirements for a Canadian student visa application to get a chance to study in Canada. When the door opens for you to enter Canada, why not seize the opportunity?