Here’s how you can look for accommodation in Canada as an international student | How to find accommodation in Canada for students?


Now that you have received the acceptance letter as an international student in Canada from the University of your dreams, the next step is to find suitable accommodation within budget and preferably near your college/university. You can choose to live on-campus or off-campus near your college/university. But, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind, such as cost, transportation, and others. You can either choose to live in dormitories within your college/university campus or shared apartments and homestays off-campus.

This blog post will give you a clear idea of the types of international students’ accommodations in Canada, tips to find the perfect accommodation in Canada for students, and cheap accommodation options available for international students, among other things.

The following 5 sub-topics are what we will cover in this blog post:

1. Types of accommodation options for international students
2. Tips for finding the perfect accommodation in Canada as an international student
3. Here are the Cheapest Accommodations in Canada for International Students / What is the average monthly room rent in Canada for students?
4. Standard of Living in different cities of Canada for international students
5. FAQs

Types of accommodation options for international students

Here are the types of international students’ accommodations in Canada:

On-campus Accommodations

A few colleges/universities allow students to live on-campus or near campus. On-campus accommodations are of the following types:

1. Dormitories – Colleges/Universities directly manage dormitories that are typically large buildings housing one or more students per room. Entertainment, cooking, exercise, and shower facilities are available in shared spaces.

2. Townhouses – Townhouses are mainly for second-fourth-year students and house one student in each room. The number of bedrooms is typically between three and six. They usually have a common floor with a living and dining area.

Off-Campus Accommodations

As the name suggests, Off-campus accommodations are accommodations outside your college/campus but maybe near it. A few colleges assist students in finding off-campus accommodations. Others refer students to agencies who can help you with the same. Off-campus accommodations are of the following types:

1. Shared Apartments – Shared apartments may house one student per room or two-three students per room. The living and dining spaces and bathrooms are shared between roommates.

2. Homestays – Homestays contain a host who is a national and introduces you to the Canadian culture while providing you a homely atmosphere to live in. You can get a single room to live in homestays without roommates. You may even get up to 3 meals per day and internet access in homestays. However, you may need to travel 30-50 minutes by bus or train.

3. Rented Apartments – You can also choose rented apartments from sites like Airbnb and Craigslist but ensure you read the reviews from previous guests before making the renting decision. It would be best to get a furnished apartment to rent as that will ease tension.

Tips for finding the perfect accommodation in Canada as an international student

Determine your budget

If you are looking for student accommodation in Canada, Toronto, or other big cities like Vancouver, Montreal, etc., you will need to pay more rent than in smaller cities. You should be ready to spend anywhere between 700 CAD and 1200 CAD, depending upon the city and the type of accommodation. If you are OK with a shared apartment, you will need to pay less.

Choose a place of accommodation near your campus

You should keep 10 minutes in hand for the commute as that’s the average commute time. If it takes you more to reach your campus, go for another option.

Visit the place of accommodation in person

While scouting for a place of accommodation, ensure you visit the place in person and don’t rely upon online pictures.

Try to include meals

If you include meals for an extra cost, you won’t need to worry about the same.

Find out the additional costs you may incur

In some cases, hot water, electricity, and internet services are not included. Ensure you are aware of such additional charges well-in advance before zeroing in on the place of accommodation.

Be prepared to sign a lease or pay a deposit

You may need to sign a lease if you opt for an apartment. You may also need to pay a deposit before starting to live in the place of accommodation.

Avoid coming under the trap of scammers

Scammers may ask for money before meeting the owner. Don’t pay any money in such cases. You should not provide confidential information either. Also, you need to ensure that the paperwork and conditions are in place. Make it a point to meet the owner in person to avoid coming under the trap of scammers.

Find a safe place to stay

If you have the slightest doubt about the safety of the location of accommodation, look for some other option immediately. Being safe in a foreign land is extremely important.

Take help from your college/university

If you find it challenging to find a place of accommodation, you can get help from your school/college.

Here are the cheapest accommodations in Canada for international students / What is the average monthly room rent in Canada for students?

Canada has many affordable towns where you can find a place to live. The cheapest accommodations in Canada for international students range from 2,500 CAD per year to 16,000 CAD per year. If you choose a homestay, you will need to shell out anywhere between 600 CAD and 1100 CAD per month. Suppose you select a dormitory. In that case, you should be ready to spend anywhere between 3,000 CAD and 7,500 CAD per year. The cost may range from 600 CAD to 2000 CAD per month for a rented apartment.

If you choose an on-campus accommodation in Canada as an international student, you should be ready to spend 2,500 CAD to 8,000 CAD. You will need to pay one month’s rent in advance for on-campus accommodations. You will get the deposited amount back when you leave.

On average, off-campus accommodation rents are $150 per week. In other words, the rents can be anywhere between 650 CAD per month to 800 CAD per month, depending on your lifestyle.

Advantages of Living On-campus

1. Have easy access to classes
2. Have easy access to on-campus facilities like gyms, libraries, etc.
3. Be closer to the international student community
4. Have access to utilities and food as the average rental price includes the same.
5. Round-the-clock assistance from student accommodation support (most colleges/universities)

Advantages of Living Off-Campus

1. You will be spoilt for choices
2. Save costs as cheaper options are plenty
3. Be more independent
4. Select the roommates of your choice
5. Get the chance to embrace the Canadian lifestyle and culture

Standard of Living in different Cities of Canada for international students

Here are a few of the cities and the costs of rent:


In Vancouver, be ready to pay rent between 900 CAD and 1300 CAD per month. A few popular locations here are East Van, Main Street, Commercial Drive, and Chinatown. Two of the most popular universities in Vancouver are Simon Fraser Valley and the University of British Columbia.


The costs of rent in Calgary range from 600 CAD to 1400 CAD, and the best locations are Brentwood, Beltine, Downtown, and Kensington. If you choose this location, you can opt for either the University of Calgary or Mount Royal University.


The monthly rent in Montreal ranges from 850 CAD to 1500 CAD, and the most popular universities are the University of Montreal, Concordia University, and McGill University. The popular locations in Montreal are Downtown, Griffintown, and Old Montreal.


Toronto is undoubtedly one of the most expensive cities in Canada. The monthly rent in Toronto may vary between 900 CAD to 1900 CAD. Toronto houses a few of the most well-known universities in Canada, like the University of Toronto and York University. You can find a place to stay in Clairville, Dufferin Grove, and Kingsview Village.


Is it mandatory for international students to live on-campus?

No, there is no hard and fixed rule that international students have to live on-campus. However, if the program you choose provides housing facilities, you need to live on-campus.

Which are the trusted online sites where students can find accommodation in Canada?

A few of the popular aggregator websites are or Vrbo. Other popular websites to find a place of accommodation in Canada are Kijiji, Craigslist, Airbnb, and Facebook Marketplace.

What is the ideal time to move to Canada as far as finding the perfect accommodation is concerned?

The ideal time is two weeks before you start attending your program so that you get ample time to settle down.

What are the options of accommodation for Indian students in Canada?

The options of accommodation for Indian students in Canada are pretty much the same as listed above – dormitories, homestays, shared apartments, and townhouses. You can also find the accommodation of your choice on Kijiji, Airbnb, and others.


We hope you are now aware of the ways to find accommodation in Canada as an international student. If you need tips to find the perfect accommodation in Canada as an international student, you can refer to the above section. It would help if you kept in mind that some cities are more expensive than others. Therefore, the rent costs will vary accordingly. If you have any queries related to this topic, kindly contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” section. We will be more than happy to provide prompt solutions to all your queries.