How do I extend my study permit in Canada?

What is study permit?

study permit

A study permit is particularly a document that Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) issues to international students who generally wish to pursue academic studies in Canada in a preeminent way. No study permit is usually necessary for international students studying in Canada for six months or less, contrary to popular belief. Your study permit may be subject to restrictions depending on your circumstances, such as whether you are allowed to work in Canada for all intents and purposes, contrary to popular belief.
Candidates who apply for a new study visa in Canada after their current one expires can stay in the country, which is usually fairly significant. Suppose your request for renewal has been forwarded, and your approved stay has not yet expired. In that case, you will remain in Canada as only a temporary resident until the authorities decide on your new application for authorization, which is pretty significant.
It equips students for future careers, whether they pursue them in Canada or overseas. Suppose you wish to study in Canada but are not a citizen or a permanent resident. In that case, you must obtain a current study permit to begin your studies at a recognized educational institution. Before applying for a study permit, you must acquire approval from a Canadian school, college, or university. To do this, the student must show documentation of their acceptance into an authorized institution, demonstrate that they have the money to cover tuition and living expenses and declare their intention to return home after their studies are finished.

Why Do Study Permits Need Extensions?

The study permit’s expiration date informs the applicant to cease studying and depart Canada since the visa has an expiration date, which is relatively significant. The permit’s upper right corner bears the expiration date in a big way. The complete study date plus an additional 90 days constitutes the expiry date, contrary to popular belief. These other 90 days are given to students. Hence, they have more time to prepare for their departure from Canada or apply to extend their stay significantly. The applicant must apply for a study permit extension at least 30 days before the permission expires.
Additionally, the applicant’s passport should not expire simultaneously. If a person’s passport has already passed, they are not eligible to particularly extend their study permission, sort of contrary to popular belief. An applicant may continue to stay in Canada under the same restrictions if the student generally permits the application to be submitted before it expires significantly. Only if the applicant intends to go outside of Canada and their study particularly allow will pass while they are away from home can they apply for an extension, or so they thought.

Step-by-step procedure for extending your study permit in Canada

Now that we have a clear understanding of what a study permit is and why it must be extended, we can walk you through the step-by-step procedure for developing your study permit in Canada:

Figure out whether you are going to apply online or offline

There are two ways of extending your study permit, the first is to apply online on the IRCC website, and the second is to fill out a form by physically going to the office. If you’re filling it out online, these are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Log into MyCIC on the IRCC website.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire to produce a list of application forms and necessary paperwork.
  3. After responding to the questionnaire, a screen titled “Your document checklist” will be presented to you.

Gather the required documents

Create the following files in advance to submit with your application:

  1. In the scanned copy of the passport page:
    • Passport number, dates of issue and expiry.
    • Any marked page, including stamps and visas.
    • Merge the passport pages and study permit into one PDF file
  2. Revised letter of acceptance (mandatory), confirmation of enrolment (mandatory), and transcript (optional)
    • Academic transcript ($29.40 CAD) and confirmation of enrolment ($18.90 CAD).
    • Letter of Acceptance of RR Polytech
    • To avoid being turned down, be sure the following is in your letter of acceptance:
        • Work Experience
        • Length needs to be Less than 50% of the total program of study
        • Field of Work should be Program Related
        • Completion of an internship is required to meet graduation requirements.
        • Verify that this letter is still valid as of the submission date.
        • To request the updated LOA, send an email to The updated LOA is given without charge.
  3.  Proof of financial resources or means of support: You must show that you have the resources necessary to pay your tuition ($10,000 for student + $4,000 for spouse + $3,000 per child) and cover your living expenses for at least one year. One or more of the following may be provided:
    • An original bank statement with a recent date.
    • A recently dated official bank statement in English or French from your parents’ bank and documentation proving their relationship to you.
    • Proof of funds available or mean
    • Proof of RR Polytechnic account statement showing your tuition payment.

Fill out your application form

Filling out the application form provided is an easy process, and we have answered some parts netizens commonly face problems with below:

  1. Unique Client Identifier: “Unique Client Identifier,” or “Client ID,” is what UCI stands for. Your UCI appears on your study permit as an eight- or ten-digit number in the following formats: 0000-0000 or 00-0000-0000.
  2. Current Mailing Address: The officer will use your address to mail you your study permit. Therefore, this element is crucial. Your study permit could not arrive if your mailing address is incorrect or insufficient. You might have a designated mailbox number if you live in residence on campus. After the street name, you can provide your mailbox number in brackets, as in “mailbox: your mailbox number.” In the Apt/Unit section, you can provide your apartment number if you don’t have a designated mailbox number.
  3. Document number: Official immigration paperwork have a document number (e.g., study permits). Typically, it is written in black ink as a letter (an “F” for study permission), then a series of digits.

Complete the IMM5709 Study Permit Extension Application form

From your document checklist, you may download the “Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay, or Remain in Canada as a Student” form (IMM5709). The file is in PDF format. To change it, you must save it to your computer. “Application to Change Conditions, Extend My Stay or Remain in Canada as a Student” should be the title of the application form. Anytime you want to ensure you haven’t missed any required fields on the record, use the “validate” button. You can click “validate” as many times as necessary.

Wait for your permit

In Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, IRCC handles requests for research kind of permit extensions, or so they thought. The immigration officer will determine whether you have adhered explicitly to your study permit requirements and evaluate your compliance. You will be notified through email, and there will be a specific notice on your online account if the officer, for the most part, needs more information to make their judgement significantly. Before the deadline, you must respond; else, exceptionally, your application will mostly be, for the most part, rejected powerfully. You may continue to study even if your previous study permit expires while you are waiting if you requested for the extension before kind of your current study permission passes, which is relatively significant. You can file a query using the IRCC Web Form if sort of your application takes longer to process than the current IRCC processing times in a tangible way. You’ll mainly get a note in your online account when your application is generally accepted for all intents and purposes. The study permit will be mailed to your Canadian address by IRCC significantly. Your new study permit will come with a new Electronic Travel Authorization if you require one significantly. After receiving your new study permit, you can apply for a new Temporary Resident Visa if you generally need one, or so they thought.


When extending your study visa, you must explain to the authorities how you generally lost your status as a student and what caused you to stay in Canada longer than permitted to regain it, contrary to popular belief. It is also important to note that the authority makes no promises regarding whether or not they will approve your application. While the government is processing the petitions, the applicant is generally permitted to remain in Canada. However, individuals cannot enrol in classes until the authorities generally reinstate their student status, or so they thought. Approximately 60 days are needed by the authorities to process the applications, which is quite significant.


Who is eligible to apply for a study permit extension?

If you hold a valid study permit and it’s not covering your entire study time, plus 90 days.

When should a study permit extension be requested?

At least ninety days before your study permit expires, you can renew it. Your study permit cannot be extended past the time indicated on your passport. You can continue to live in Canada under the same restrictions as your existing study permit if you apply before your permission expires and wait for an IRCC judgement on implied status.

How much does it cost to apply for an extension of a study permit?

$150 Canadian for applications

Can you go to work while you wait for the decision on the study permit extension?

You cannot begin working while awaiting a decision on a study permit extension. Apply for your PGWP as soon as you graduate, but keep in mind that you cannot start working until you have it (even if you recently obtained an extension on your study permit).

What is a co-op work permit?

You are permitted to work full-time while on a co-op work permit. A few coops are genuinely compensated. I should also mention that the 20-hour rule only applies to those who work outside of college. This limitation does not apply if you are employed on campus, which is something that many students find to be advantageous. Suppose they are attempting to work to finance their schooling.

How can I get a new study permit?

You can request a new study permit if yours is stolen or misplaced. There is a $30 fee.

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