Top 10 Jobs in Canada Without any Work Experience



Canada is now a prime location for people from all over the world who wish to work and live there because there are over one million job openings. Numerous careers in Canada don’t require prior experience, even if you have a degree or an apprenticeship certificate. Even if you possess one of these qualifications, this is still true.
To remain competitive in the global market, Canada’s economy depends on a wide variety of highly trained, semi-skilled, and low-skilled workers in various industries, including the medical sector, transportation, and agriculture.
This list of the top 10 jobs in Canada for foreigners without experience should help you find a job in Canada that is specifically geared toward people with little or no experience.

Top 10 Jobs in Canada without any work experience

Care Giver

Average Annual Salary: $27,300-$34,125

Companies such as Home Instead will provide on-the-job training and user experience. Home Instead Senior Care offers non-medical services that enable seniors to remain in place and deal with the difficulties of ageing with respect, care, and compassion. While job postings will state whether or no experience is required, they will also specify what you must bring to the table to be considered. For example, if you want to work for Home Instead as a caregiver, you’ll need:

Possessing a current driver’s licence and enough auto coverage

Be able to speak clearly in French and English, and have patience and kindness for others.

Have a clean criminal record and a thorough background check.

Kitchen Helper

Average Annual Salary: $26,000-$48,000

Become a part of Vancouver’s renowned Max’s Restaurant – Cuisine of the Philippines. There is no prerequisite education or work history required. If you want to:

Do what customers want you to do

Cleaning the kitchen and the rest of the house

Food must be handled with care.

This profession can be an excellent stepping stone for anyone looking to work in the restaurant industry as a chef, host, or produce handler. Career advancement will be aided by the on-the-job training provided.

Exhibit Cleaner

Average Annual Salary: $16,400-$52,200

You can work in a stimulating environment with this position at the Ontario Science Centre. Cleaning, dusting, washing, and maintaining displays, speciality goods and prototypes, and buildings for large events and projects is a job the Ontario Science Centre is looking to fill.

It is not necessary to have prior experience for this role. However, you must be able to meet the following requirements:

Demonstrate your prowess in the area of display maintenance and cleaning.

Possess rudimentary knowledge about computers.

Understand how to utilise hand tools.

Have a working knowledge of the Ontario Occupational Health Act and be able to lift large objects.

Seasonal Nursery Workers – Cone Picking

Average Annual Salary: $26,325-$$35,100

In Canada, seasonal farm work is extremely popular. However, if you are rehired for the next season, you will be able to continue to improve your experience and career. In the Canadian coniferous regions, the Eagle Rock Division employs employees from Vancouver to collect cones.

While this is a physically demanding job requiring ladders and working in all kinds of weather, it’s also a stable one that provides on-the-job training and a dynamic work environment with several chances for advancement.

Driver Residential

Average Annual Salary: $29,250-$44,068

As one of the largest garbage and environmental service providers in North America, Waste Management is well-known. There is an emphasis on operational excellence, professionalism, and financial strength in their approach. Nearly 25 million people in North America’s residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal sectors are served by WM’s network of collection operations, transfer stations, landfills, recycling facilities, and waste-based energy generating projects.

To be considered, applicants must be at least eighteen years old, hold a current driver’s licence, and be clear of any felony convictions.


Average Annual Salary: $26,000-$32,561

Food service giant Compass Group Canada employs tens of thousands of people. Many locales benefit from their services: schools and universities; hospitals; offices; senior living communities; tourist destinations; sporting events; isolated camps; military installations; and more. They do business in more than 50 nations throughout the world.

The organisation is eager to provide on-the-job training to qualified candidates. Work benefits will also be provided. Candidate success is dependent on the following:

A current Food Handler Certificate or equivalent in your province or territory is required.

Dishwashing experience is a plus but not necessary for this position.

Skills for working with industrial washing machines are appreciated but not necessary.

ability to function effectively under pressure, the capacity to fulfil the duties of the position

Room Attendant

Average Annual Salary: $25,867-$35,526

In the hotel sector, the Hyatt Regency Vancouver is a major player. This position in the housekeeping department does not necessitate any prior experience, and training is provided while on the job. Cleaning all guest rooms, providing Hyatt service standards to all internal and external guests, and maintaining the cleanliness of room attendant carts, service areas, and closets are all part of the job of a Room Attendant at a hotel. The following are some of the advantages:

Hyatt hotels around the world provide reduced rates for their guests.

Discounts on food and beverages

Assistance with schooling

Excellent education and training for professionals

General Labourers

Average Annual Salary: $26,325-$35,367

General labourers are always in demand in Canada! The Miska Trailer Factory, established in 1994, is looking for General Laborers. They are eager to learn and grow with the company as it continues to prosper and expand its operations. Securing a job, having set hours, and no layoffs are all important to Miska, as are their environmental efforts and the respect they show their employees.

Good hand-eye coordination and fluency in the English language are required for this position. Power and hand tools, as well as a drill press and other gear, are helpful in the workplace. It’s also important to operate under pressure in a fast-paced atmosphere.


Average Annual Salary:$29,441 -$34,701

The cashier position in Canada is open to citizens of the United States. This incredible opportunity is situated in the heart of Toronto’s burgeoning economy. Valu-Mart has positions whether you’re just starting your career, seeking a new job, or making a career change. They’re looking for someone who can work well in a group, has good interpersonal skills, deals with customers and cash, and supports the promotions team.


Average Annual Salary:$22,880-$41,600

Packaging for the food business rounds out our list of jobs in Canada open to foreign nationals with no prior work experience. Erie, Ontario-based Rich Products Corporation is a family-owned food business. All across the world, their goods are utilised in restaurants, bakeries, and homes to make everything from cakes and icings to pizza, appetisers, and speciality toppings.

Work in Canada

A work permit is required to lawfully live and work in Canada if you land one of these positions. Work permits can be obtained in Canada in a variety of ways. TFWP (Temporary Foreign Workers Program) permits temporary employment in Canada. In the future, if you have enough work experience in Canada and have sought permanent status, you won’t need a work visa.

A general work permit and a work permit tailored to a particular employer are offered. The procedure of obtaining a work visa can be complicated and time-consuming, but many employers can assist you.

An open work permit allows you to work wherever you choose in Canada, for whichever employer you choose, as long as you stay within the boundaries set by federal law. As a result, an employee-specific work permit will limit your employment options if you have many jobs. Work permits specify where you can work and who can employ you. This condition can only be changed by applying for it.

Career Prospects in Canada

Consider a profession in Canada, where there is a shortage of skilled people if you want to make money in the next five to 10 years. According to Statistics Canada, there were 912,600 job openings in Canada during the third quarter of 2021, a record high. Companies “will likely adapt to these changes by investing more in the capital than labour and allocating compensation to essential jobs in the organisation,” says Ted Mallett, vice president and chief economist at CFIB. The table below includes a list of Canada’s provinces.

Provinces Vacancy rate Change Unfilled jobs
Quebec 4.10% 0.10% 117,700
British Columbia 3.70% 67,100
Ontario 3.30% 0.10% 167,900
New Brunswick 2.70% 6,300
Manitoba 2.60% 11,300
Nova Scotia 2.60% 0.10% 7,900
Alberta 2.60% 0.10% 41,800
Saskatchewan 2.00% 6,900
Prince Edward Island 1.50% 700
Newfoundland & Labrador 1.30% -0.10% 2,100

Work Environment in Canada

For the most part, workplaces in Canada are pleasant places to be, although there are always exceptions. It’s not uncommon for team members to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Canada has a significantly more laid-back work culture compared to the rest of the developed world. Individual successes may be more important in the United States, but teamwork is more important in Canada. As a result of this cultural divide, employees may exhibit various behaviours in the workplace. On the other hand, Canadians are more prone to perceive their coworkers as partners rather than foes. Even though this disparity might contribute to workplace friction, it is generally beneficial to the workplace.

IT departments worldwide are being pushed to work together in new ways as they undergo digital transformation, especially in the areas of strategy and execution. Creating top-of-the-line products, customising services, and making profits are the driving forces behind this trend. As a result of such shifts, technology executives are faced with an increase in projects and a severe shortage of technical professionals. According to Robert Half Technology research, more than half of North American IT departments are either understaffed or have a shortage of employees.

Professionals with particular sought-after skill sets may see their wages rise by as much as 10%. This particular pack’s leaders are those who have mastered computer coding. A strong technical background paired with enthusiasm for coding and the required qualifications puts you in a good position in the technology employment market.

Highest Paying Jobs

Employers are looking for software developers that can write, change, integrate, and test their products as more and more enterprises move their operations online. As Canada’s IT business grows, it is expected to outpace many other industries. Due to this, there’s a huge rise in demand for IT jobs in Canada. The following are some of Canada’s highest-paying IT positions:
1. Software Developer
2. IT Project Manager
3. IT Business Analyst
4. Database Analyst
5. Quality Assurance Analyst
6. Security Analyst
7. Business System Analyst
8. Network Engineer


How can I find work in Canada without any previous work experience?

There are several ways to immigrate to Canada without having any prior work experience. You can use the Express Entry System to submit an application for a work permit if your CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) ratings are high enough and you have a job offer. Additionally, find out what kinds of occupations are available in the provinces and territories you’re considering migrating to. If you apply for a provincial nomination, your lack of work experience is not a deal breaker.

With No Work Experience, How Do I Get a Job?

Searching for a new job can be a stressful experience. For the most part, wonderful resources like Jobbank, LinkedIn, and Indeed exist to assist you in your search. The internet is crawled by sophisticated search engines, which look for job postings to post. When using the jobs in Canada search field, enter “no experience” to narrow your results by area, date posted, and other factors that may be relevant to your resume.

Is it Possible to Immigrate to Canada Without a Job?

If you apply for permanent residency, you can relocate to Canada without a job offer. However, if you lack prior work experience, having a stable position will be extremely beneficial to your career. As an alternative, you can wait until after your immigration to Canada has been completed before applying for a job because your chances of being hired are much better.

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