Best tips that will help you to earn money online in Canada

Top ways to make money online

Making money via the Internet may seem complex, but there are techniques to simplify the process. Making money online is possible for anyone, including kids. A wide variety of opportunities are available to earn money online, depending on your skills and interests. The odds are that one or more of these solutions will appeal to you.

What follows is a list of ways in which you can use the internet to supplement your income or make it your primary source of income altogether:

Start an e-commerce website and sell products online

Do you think you have (or can make) a product that people want? If so, then creating an e-commerce site might be your best alternative. You’ll be able to offer things directly to consumers with no intermediary. Of course, you’ll have to take on many of the obligations. That includes the following:

A website to host your items

A payment processing merchant account (Something like Stripe or Paypal)

Logistics strategy, meaning a technique to collect orders and deliver products to consumers

Somewhere to house all your products

A marketing approach, so people are aware of what you’re selling

If you don’t have your products, you can also explore selling products that aren’t your own through Dropshipping.

Dropshipping doesn’t involve you owning or keeping any merchandise. How it works is that you offer things for sale on your website. You fulfil those orders by acquiring the product from a third party and mailing it directly to the buyer. You’ll have to select if you want to market commodities (necessary things in high demand), speciality products or a combination of both. You’ll then need to determine which platform to sell on, whether you’re selling your things or curating products to sell online.

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Some popular e-commerce platform options include:

Amazon Fulfilled by Shopify (FBA)

One of the best things about dropshipping is that it eliminates the need to stock inventory. Waiting to be paid by the buyer means you can delay making any product purchases. This involves less danger than selling your items but more work in selecting a range of goods that appeal to your target market.

Find freelance jobs

Freelancing can be a good fit if you want to switch between several projects. Any ability, including writing, photography, graphic design, handy work, and software development, can be freelanced, and you never have to devote too much time to a single assignment. Without a doubt, freelancing could assist you in achieving your financial objectives. However, you’ll need to work on several jobs at once if you want to earn a livelihood as a freelancer.

One contract typically does not provide sufficient income to cover basic living expenses. You’ll need to figure out a way to get leads, practise making cold pitches, and become familiar with where you can discover employment that isn’t advertised.

Top websites for freelancers to find work:


99 Designs


Task rabbit


These websites are a terrific place to start, and each field will have its unique selection of freelance platforms.


99 Designs


Task rabbit


These websites are a terrific place to start, and each field will have its unique selection of freelance platforms.

Promoting your freelance business

You are responsible for managing your own time and workload when you work as a freelancer. Nobody is going to give you assignments and tell you to finish them. You’ll have to do the heavy lifting yourself. Promoting oneself through various means is an integral part of this effort. To get by, you can’t rely just on freelance marketplaces to help you discover lucrative work. The work you accomplish must be publicised.

One of the best places to begin is on social media. It’s amazing how many people will want to use your services once you tell them about them.

One strategy is to share online posts about your work. Rather, it’s more productive to list people you know who might be interested in your services or who know someone who might be interested. By sending a thoughtful message, make sure these pals know you’re thinking about them. They will be your earliest supporters.

Freelancers often overlook working with advertising companies as a promotional tool. When you work with a recruitment firm, you save time and energy in the lead-generation process. Most agencies have relationships with multiple large organisations actively seeking independent contractors. Since agencies need a cut, contracts with them are typically larger.

Some of the more well-known agencies for freelancers include:

Tundra Technical

Creative Circle


Flex on Demand

You have some degree of control over your schedule when you freelance, which is enjoyable. However, you’ll still have deadlines to meet at work, so don’t imagine that your days will be completely free. Time management and maintaining motivation throughout the months when checks aren’t coming in will be essential.

Start a YouTube channel

This method of making money online is among the most daring there is. You can’t be awkward in front of the camera, you need to know your way around technology, and you must be reliable. However, some YouTubers can turn a substantial profit. You can still succeed even if you don’t have the most magnetic personality. Even young people can make money on YouTube.

Take a deep breath and a step back from the situation before running out to get a high-end camera and lighting. Determine your motivation before you launch your YouTube channel. Why should anyone watch what you’re making, not why you want to attempt YouTube? This, coupled with knowing your intended audience and the topics you plan to cover in your videos, is crucial to your success as a YouTube creator.

Understanding why somebody would observe you is crucial for one obvious reason: There are many people on YouTube, so content there is scarce. Though you may believe your videos would appeal to a small audience, likely, thousands of similar videos have previously been created on the same topic. That’s why establishing what sets you apart is the first step. In what ways are you unique?

Popular content on YouTube

There is a clear disparity in the popularity of various types of videos on YouTube. In addition to vlogs, gaming, comedy, and educational content are some of the most watched types of online videos. The two most watched types of videos are product reviews and how-to videos.

Remember that none of these necessitates a steadfast adherence to any of these. But you may get a fair idea of what people are interested in by looking at this. The competition will be fierce, but the rewards of being included in a content stream with a large potential audience could be worth it if your proposal falls within one of these broad categories.

How to make money on YouTube

This is a question that numerous individuals have asked. There are some obstacles along the way. You Tubers get paid through ad views and clicks; thus, the obvious solution is to increase your video’s viewership as much as possible. The average revenue per 1,000 YouTube videos is between $1.50 and $3. For every million views, you may make somewhere between $300 and $2,000.

Beginning with signing up for a YouTube account (if you have Gmail, you already have a YouTube account). After signing up, you must activate Ad Sense. This is the method via which you will be compensated.

YouTube’s parent company Google lays forth five different ways to get paid:

We’ve covered advertising income before. Ad revenue, whether display or video, pays you.

Premium memberships for your channel can be offered for regular subscription payments.

Products on display on “watch pages” can be purchased by customers.

In “super chats,” dedicated viewers can pay to prioritise their messages in a live chat.

When your YouTube Premium subscribers watch your videos, you receive a portion of what Google calls the “YouTube Premium subscribers fee.”

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Teach English online

The business of English language instruction online is a recent development. Before many online teaching options, educators had to fly to their desired destination country. While that is still possible, online education has quickly become a competitive option for many educators.

The low barrier to entry in online teaching is a major selling feature for the industry. You need just be a native English speaker and, sometimes, have a degree from an accredited institution or university. Once that’s settled, selecting the best platform (of which there are many) is the next step. Some websites successfully matched teachers with online teaching positions are listed below.

Popular platforms to teach English online.

Teach Away





How much money can you make teaching online?

There is no set maximum salary. It depends on the platform and, in some situations, on your experience. Some sites pay as much as $25 per hour, while others pay as little as $0.17 per minute or around $10 per hour. If you join a platform like Cambly, the standards are much less stringent, and the students are trying to enhance their English rather than learn. If you choose an alternative like DaDa or iTalki, you’ll have to develop lesson plans for younger pupils who might not know much English. Choose the adventure that best fits your needs.

Do jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turk

MTurk, which stands for Amazon Mechanical Turk, is a platform for crowdsourcing. For short-term projects, organisations can hire remote workers to accomplish their work remotely. Research, surveys, and checking data are typical of such jobs.

What kind of earnings is possible on MTurk?

Almost all of the jobs available on MTurk pay less than a dollar. For completing a psychological survey, you might earn $1, but that’s really at the top of the pay scale. MTurk has a lot of jobs that pay between 0.01 and 0.35 cents. Further, Amazon deducts another 20% – 45% from each sale.

Based on the findings of a recent academic study, MTurk workers (known as Turkers) earn an average of $2 per hour. It’s not unexpected that Turks would accept such low wages, given that one-third of them are unemployed and the majority have a family income of less than USD 47k.

This site might not be the ideal option if you’re trying to make a living wage. Try out MTurk if you’re unemployed and need some extra cash.

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Sell your craft on Etsy or eBay

Artists and other creative people typically struggle to obtain stable employment. For many businesses, success has less to do with their output quality than finding an audience willing to pay for it. Etsy is wonderful in this regard.

Etsy has developed a name as a top marketplace for selling handcrafted goods, vintage trinkets, and other one-of-a-kind stuff. They function more like a community for artists and proprietors of small businesses who deal in unique items that can’t be found in chain stores or e-commerce platforms catering to the masses.

Etsy is the place to be if you’re good at making things, whether it’s a piece of art, a postcard, a photograph, a piece of jewellery or an accessory.

Getting started on Etsy

On Etsy, opening a store is a rather simple process.

Create an account, complete with a bio and photo.

Open Your Etsy Shop by clicking the Sell on Etsy link.

You can name your shop after providing basic demographic information (country, language, and currency).

Sell stock photos online

Don’t let the fact that anyone with a smartphone may, in theory, be a photographer dampen your enthusiasm for your craft. As you can expect, you should be thrilled.

More than ever, businesses and influencers need content, and the majority of that material needs accompanying visuals. Two items must be prioritised at the outset:

Developing a signature style is essential for any successful photographer. Your photographs should set up expectations for your audience. Choose a specific photographic genre to specialise in, such as fashion, travel, portraiture, or nature, and stay true to it. At least until your target audience learns they can reliably anticipate your work.

Acquiring a following — The early stages are when exposure is most important. Thus social media like Instagram will be your best friend. Maintain a regular posting schedule and investigate appropriate hashtags to ensure you’re reaching your target demographic. If you upgrade to a business account on Instagram, viewers can buy your photos without leaving your feed.

Once you’ve developed these first two pillars of your brand, you may begin to monetise it. Photos might be difficult to sell, but the correct platform can make all the difference.

Where can I sell my photos?

Here are a few that you should consider:

Adobe Stock


Getty Images





There are plenty more, but these are an excellent place to start and are widely used by customers.

Become a Virtual Assistant

This method of making money online is gaining popularity. An individual who may contribute their talents to a project virtually is known as a virtual assistant (VA). Most of the time, administrative or secretarial chores are assigned to VAs; however, that is not their sole responsibility.

Virtual assistants: provide a wide range of services

Blog Manager

Digital Marketer


Newsletter Writer

Online Translator

Plus, many more.

earn money online in canada, assistant

Become a Virtual Assistant

The key to succeeding as a VA is to acquire or hone a specific talent. Start with free learning. Sites like LinkedIn and Hubspot provide access to free certification programmes that may be completed online. After that, you can move on to paid services like Udemy, which are still less expensive than a full semester of college.

Where can a virtual assistant locate clients?

Finding customers is secondary to attracting them in the first place. Which is to say, you are your own best advertisement. Explore your options for displaying your abilities to the world. If you want a job managing blogs, the best way to get in the door is to show that you can do it yourself.

The following are some potential client bases for Virtual Assistants:

Truly, LinkedIn is an asset

Connecting Professionals at Upwork and PeoplePerHour Events

Creating your website is another viable option to consider. Your website will serve as a central repository for your work and display your talents.

Transcribe audio and interviews

Transcription of an interview recording is a laborious process. Correctly transcribing a long document can take a long time, and automated tools aren’t always accurate. It’s also worth noting that there are various applications for transcribing beyond just interviewing. Because of these benefits, human transcription is a service that many businesses are willing to pay for.

Types of transcriptions

There are other occasions to use transcription services in addition to regular voice-to-text transcription.

Legal transcription 

Medical transcription 


Data entry 

TV and Film

Where to find transcription gigs?

Jobs in transcription can be found in a variety of places. Use a reputable website, always. There are a few frauds where you won’t be compensated for your efforts.

AccuTran Global

Transcribe Me

My Other Office

Transcribe Me

Daily Transcription

How much can you make transcribing?

The answer here is client-specific. Audio transcription costs anywhere from.60 cents to $1.20 per minute. The “audio hour” is another potential unit of payment. Costs can be between $10 and $20 for every audio hour. However, the average compensation for a medical transcriptionist is $34,770, as the Bureau of Statistics and Labor reported.

  1. Put your apartment on Airbnb

This is a hybrid between online and offline activities, but it deserves special consideration. Thanks to Airbnb, anyone can turn their spare room into extra cash.

Easy as pie: just list your place for short-term rent on the Airbnb website, and guests will start arriving. How much you charge is up to you, and Airbnb will process the payments.

Pros and cons of starting an Airbnb business

Even though it requires a lot of offline work, Airbnb is a wonderful online moneymaker for several reasons.


Guests have the freedom to join or leave AirBnB at any time. Making your property available for rent is a great way to bring in some extra cash while you’re away on vacation.

Airbnb provides you with a centralised hub for hosting hosts to connect with guests, process payments, and check references for prospective lodgers.

For one thing, you don’t have as much say in running your property as you would if you were using a service like Airbnb if you rented it out on a short-term basis. Suppose your tenant is a pain in the neck. You may be bound to that agreement for a full 12 months. In the case of Airbnb, that is not the case.

Earnings – You get to decide how much money you make. You have complete control over the asking price and availability of your property.


It’s a lot of work, as you’ll need to check the app for messages from guests, answer their questions before and after check-in, and handle any problems that may arise.

Despite Airbnb’s prominence as the go-to platform for short-term rentals, there is no assurance that your listing will be snapped up every time it is posted.

Critic reviews are a major factor in AirBnB’s host rating system. Potential renters may think twice about booking with you if a guest has a bad time at your place.

How much do Airbnb hosts make?

Priceonomics estimates that the typical monthly income for an Airbnb host is $924. What you’re doing is a decent side gig. Depending on various circumstances, such as the number of visitors they are willing to accommodate and the size of their property, some hosts can make as much as $10,000.

Complete online surveys

Make money with little effort by doing this online. No special abilities or extensive preparation are required. In most cases, the only real expense is time. It would help if you didn’t count on this as your primary supplementary income source. Instead of paying you cash, some surveys will provide you with redeemable points at various retail locations.

Best places to find surveys to earn cash

Here are a few places to find surveys with solid payouts:


Opinion Outpost


Pentecost Research

Maru Voice Canada

Survey Junkie

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Start a niche blog and leverage affiliate marketing

One of the simplest ways to start making money online is to start a blog. If you’re wondering why the word “niche” was brought up, here’s your answer. Your blog’s content should be very specialised. Just being a blogger about food isn’t enough nowadays. You need to be blogging about cafes in remote areas of Canada.

While that illustration may not be particularly appealing, the point remains the same: your content needs to be specific enough that your target audience always knows what to expect. Affiliate marketing is much more successful after a target demographic has been determined.

With affiliate marketing, you promote a retailer’s products and services in exchange for a commission on any sales or clicks your link generates. The most common method of doing so is through linking to external products on your blog. Narrowing the focus of your blog in this way makes it easier to find relevant sponsors. You probably wouldn’t promote South American trips using affiliate links in rural cafes. You should stick with a name more commonly associated with cafes in the countryside.

Top affiliate networks in Canada

Some of the best affiliate programs in Canada include:

Ownr Affiliate Program




Share Results



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