Top 15 Skills One Should Learn Before Moving to Canada



Moving and starting a brand-new life in a totally new country can be difficult at times. Times and situations like these present a new set of challenges in your life, but they also teach you many important life lessons. It helps one gain international experience, enhance life skills, improve professional skills and so much more, but to get started in these countries, there are a few skills one should try to master in order to ensure a good experience.

Cooking Skills

It’s not necessary for you to be a skilled cook, being familiar with certain basic cooking techniques will nonetheless help you survive in Canada. Yes, you can always order meals, but after a while, many people start to miss the meals they ate at home and start to feel homesick. You can prepare food and eat it even if you get home late or have an early start to the day if you cook for yourself. This encourages you to be independent.

Driving skills

Renting and Driving vehicles around Canada is very efficient especially if your part-time job or your hobby involves moving around to a lot place. Renting is affordable as well as very easy so it’s recommended for you to get your driving license before leaving for Canada as it recognizes many licenses one of them being Indian. You will be able to utilize the Indian Driving license for skipping the need for a Learner’s permit in Canada. And have to undergo the application for a full license. Each province has different specifications for that.


If your interest lies in technical stuff and you think you’re determined enough to earn through it then start learning coding. Structured Query Language (SQL) is a standard language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data in databases. It is an easy language to learn. If you understand programming and already know some other languages, you can learn SQL in a few weeks. If you’re a beginner, completely new to programming, it can take longer. SQL is used everywhere. It’s in high demand because so many companies use it. SQL is still the most popular language for data work in 2022 so getting a job or an internship after SQL won’t be difficult

Ensure proficiency in English

According to studies 59% of the Canadian population speaks English as their first language and 98% are capable of having a conversation in English very easily so ensuring fluency in it will not only help you make conversations easily it will also help you make sure that your thoughts get to the person accurately. People with a lack of English fluency have to face a language barrier that not only dis-favours them but also reinforces social isolation. Social inclusion is a key element that helps on the emotional distress and normal process of adaptation.

Build your Resume

You must strengthen your CV in order to launch your professional career. In general, a Canadian resume is equal to what is known as a CV in other countries, and a Canadian CV has a format similar to a Canadian resume. However, there is one exception to this: A CV or Curriculum Vitae differs regularly from a resume in several sectors, notably academia, in Canada. It’s crucial to incorporate and emphasise the hard abilities, soft skills, and professional qualities that Canadian companies seek for in a CV.

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Networking skills

Networking is a crucial part of a successful job and internship search. Building your professional network allows you to start gaining access to the hidden job market, which is essential because the majority of studies show that between 60 and 80 percent of vacancies are not published openly. You have an advantage if you learn about chances through your network since you may apply before the broader public. Start participating in events and don’t say no to opportunities as taking an initiative will really get you out of your comfort soon

Microsoft skills

Some of the most popular corporate productivity tools are Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, contrary to popular belief. Microsoft Office really is quite well-liked, which basically is fairly significant. Its applications literally are the most widely used tools in businesses worldwide thanks to their simplicity of use, accessibility, interaction, and compatibility across operating systems. In actuality, Microsoft Office products kind of are used by very nearly 1.2 billion people. Office 365 is used by fairly more than 60 million companies on a monthly basis, or so they thought. Additionally, each month, about 50,000 new small companies mostly buy Microsoft Office products in a subtle way. Microsoft skills on kind of your CV can for the most part help it get past application tracking systems and into kind of human hands for inspection. Your earnings may also for the most part enhance if you for all intents and purposes have advanced understanding of Microsoft Office applications in a kind of major way

Improve community skills

Community service gives students the chance to get involved in their neighbourhood and mostly has a long-lasting, beneficial effect on society as a whole, which for the most part is quite significant. Students can generally learn valuable life skills and information via community service or volunteerism while also helping others in need, which essentially is fairly significant. Participating in community service improves not just the organisation and those being helped, but also the career possibilities of each student in a subtle way. By giving students the opportunity to gain job-related skills before they graduate, building definitely solid references for employers regarding community involvement, and providing a forum to network with future pretty potential employers, participating in community service activities specifically helps students improve their resumes.

Earn certifications from courses

In our society, possessing generally professional certification actually holds enormous benefits because the certifications for the most part earned from these courses generally is advanced, it makes a kind of great asset for the organizations you’ll apply to in future in a really major way. Becoming high in demand mostly is one of the benefits too. Having definitely gained advanced knowledge in the profession makes you a better option in the world of competitors, or so they definitely thought. Certification Course generally helps an individual to showcase his competency, commitment for the profession, for all intents and purposes build expertise in his professional subject area, and particularly helps with job advancement, which essentially is quite significant. It is a designation earned by a person giving a kind of assurance to the company of his competencies of performing a job.

Utilise social media

Social media is very important in all fields whether it is education or any other field. Social media is a very interactive platform wherefrom users can take help and share their ideas, information, and share about their jobs, their career interest, and many more things. These ideas can be shared through various communities and various networks. With the help of social media, one can get information, can fetch or retrieve information easily, and can communicate with their teachers, friends, and classmates easily. Connecting easily with people who are in the same situation as yours can help you sort your doubts and problems easily. LinkedIn is one of the most common and popular platforms to connect with people across the Globe.

Home repairs

As we all know, doing your own home repairs may save you a ton of money. It’s not necessary to hire a professional plumber or electrician, but it does benefit your budget when you can avoid spending money every time a little domestic issue arises. For assistance with your upcoming home repair, seminars and workshops are offered by Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other home improvement retailers.

Effective communication

Communication particularly is a crucial life generally skill that includes both speaking and writing, regardless of which we’re referring to in a big way. Since no one can survive in this world alone, developing very your interpersonal communication skills will kind of enable you to progress in life, which is quite significant. It involves expressing actually your generally needs and specifically wants while also being aware of and responding to the needs and for all intents and purposes wants of others. You can learn, develop, and for the most part get for all intents and purposes stronger through talking to particularly your partner, kids, and friends. We particularly build relationships and friendships via communication, thus being effective at it will kind of help you basically interact with people successfully.

Basic first aid

To help someone in the event of an accident, injury, burn, or poisoning, first aid training is vital. Everyone should learn the fundamentals of first aid since it’s good for them and for those around them. The fact that millions of dollars are invested in first aid courses each year demonstrates how helpful they have been for many years. The intention is to avoid any person being gravely hurt in an accident. The capacity to save lives is one of many advantages of teaching first aid classes, and it is crucial for everyone.


Extending your budget out into the future also allows you to forecast how much money you will be able to save for important things. Using a realistic budget to forecast your spending for the year can really help you with your long-term financial planning. You can then make realistic assumptions about your annual income and expense and plan for long term financial goals like starting your own business, since budgeting allows you to create a spending plan for your money, it ensures that you will always have enough money for the things you need and the things that are important to you.

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Critical thinking and problem solving skills

Instead of just memorising information without ever challenging them, critical thinking entails being able to support our arguments with evidence and analyse our own thought processes. Given that remote work appears to be growing in popularity over time, critical thinking and problem solving are seen as essential abilities for this uncertain future. People who can operate independently, with less micromanagement, and even outside of the office will likely be chosen as employees in the future. The capacity for logical and systematic thought has a significant influence on both how we grasp and communicate ideas.


You may essentially remain committed to really your objectives by exercising self-control, which for all intents and purposes is fairly significant. You can for all intents and purposes maintain self-discipline and control over how you respond to every circumstance in a subtle way. Like a muscle, self-control gets generally stronger the sort of more you exercise it in a subtle way. Low self-esteem may result from a lack of self-control in a subtle way. Making intelligent decisions is a key component of self-discipline, or so they for all intents and purposes thought. How disciplined you are for all intents and purposes affects everything, even how sort of much exercise you particularly get in a subtle way. For instance, very physical activity fosters a sense of control over the body, which may transfer to a much better sense of control over definitely other elements of life, which definitely is a crucial barrier against stress. Regular exercisers exhibit pretty much better levels of self-worth and literally preserve a feeling of self-discipline, or so they kind of thought. Acceptance, willpower, sort of hard effort, industry, and tenacity literally are the five pillars of self-discipline.

Basic home keeping

We all need to generally know the fundamentals of housekeeping, from making actually your bed to doing your clothes, or so they thought. Keeping a generally clean home mostly is a life pretty skill that benefits both everyone, it mostly keeps definitely your family healthy, generally keeps you organised and able to really find what you need, and saves you money so you can for the most part continue living the basically Good Life, which is quite significant. Make a cleaning very routine or for the most part begin fast cleaning if you need assistance with


Moving to a foreign country for the betterment of your career or your life in general is a very huge step in an individual’s life. It increases your opportunities in professional fields, broadens your horizons by increasing your exposure, and aids in a person’s general personality and character development. Therefore, you must study and practise these abilities in order to ensure that your life there is easy. They’ll significantly alter your life and aid in your own development


What are some highly recommended applications for car rentals in Canada?

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What are some apps I can use to improve my English before moving to Canada?

Duolingo, Elsa Speak, Busuu, Ewa, Cambley and Babble are some of the apps which deserve your time and money and are compatible with both IOS and android devices.

What are some books I can read to learn basic first aid?

‘First Aid’ distributed by ‘The American Red Cross’ is a great book to have in your homes for some basic first aid knowledge that can come handy at the time of emergency.

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