Top 2-Year PG Diploma Courses in Canada


After their undergraduate studies, students can further pursue a Post-Graduate diploma (PG Diploma) is known as a graduate diploma in Canada. Unlike a master’s program, a post-graduate diploma lasts 1-2 years maximum. Canadian universities offer various post-graduate diplomas with a nominal fee structure in many courses. These diplomas can be completed while continuing with their full-time degree courses.

Types of Diplomas in Canada

Diploma courses offer complete and practical knowledge about any profession with a short-term academic certification.
There are two types of diplomas:-
1. undergraduate diplomas
2. post-graduate diplomas

Post-Graduate Diplomas in Canada

1-year PG diploma courses help in enhancing your skills and professional abilities. On the other hand, a 2-year PG diploma course provides the benefit of 3-year work stay back opportunity.

Benefits of Post-Graduate Diplomas in Canada

pg diploma courses in canada

Students who want to get these diplomas can take admitted to SPP College and enroll in diploma courses of 1 or 2 years the institution offers. The benefits are as follows:

  • Helps meet the 16-year study requirement for Master’s degree entrance in Canada.
  • SPP College’s teaching-based course also helps adjust various teaching practices.
  • When compared to university programs, these programs are cost-effective.
  • Students can apply for a work permit in Canada after completing a certain post-graduate diploma course; if they studied for a year in a diploma course, they could apply for a one-year work permit in Canada, and if the students studied for two years in any of such courses, they could then apply for a three-year work permit.

Value of PG Diploma Courses in Canada

PG Diplomas and certificate courses in Canada allow students to get industry experience while they study for such courses. The following are some major reasons to pursue a PG Diploma course or program in Canada:

  • PG Diplomas are more career-oriented programs focusing on gaining the skills needed for students in industry and businesses.
    · In Canada, PG Diploma courses or programs allow students to intern while they study and apply for jobs to support them.
  • In Canada, PG Diploma institutions are less expensive and cost-effective than universities. Another significant advantage of Postgraduate Diploma courses or programs is the cost-effectiveness of schooling overseas in Canada.
  • PGDM programs have a higher emphasis on career-oriented education than research-based education.
    Students who apply for or are currently studying in Canada are additionally exposed to high-quality educational opportunities in a multicultural, diverse, and inclusive atmosphere. Because Canada is a land of immigrants, Any student’s prospects of staying and obtaining permanent residency in Canada are the best.

Pre-Arrival Expenses for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

The amount of money a student will spend on application costs, fees for compulsory English language tests, visa fees, and other such charges before leaving their native country are mentioned below-

  • Program Application Fees – 75-100 CAD, approximately
  • Study Permit Application Fees required – 235 CAD (150 CAD for the study permit and 85 CAD is biometric fees needed)
  • Health Insurance required – 13,000 CAD
  • IELTS Fees – 243-250 CAD
  • TOEFL Fees – 210-320 CAD

Best PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Diploma in Engineering

A diploma in engineering provides access to practical knowledge of industrial processes. A diploma in engineering offers different opportunities to the students like supervisors, technicians, and more. There are various diploma courses for the students enrolled in various streams. The Undergraduate and Post Graduate Diploma courses include Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Electronics, etc.

Diploma in Economics

A diploma in the economic course provides deep knowledge of micro and macroeconomics, which is very beneficial for students seeking to learn about tactics of business and economical scopes. This course helps in the career growth of working as professionals in economics.

Diploma in Information Technology

Information technology is the fastest-growing sector in the modern world. There are various career options after pursuing a diploma in IT. These diploma courses help gain the tactics used in the IT industry that are very helpful for a promising professional career.

Diploma in Marketing and Public Relations

Marketing is one of the prominent sectors for the growth of sales and promotion of the business. Whether the company is offering services or selling products, communication with the end-user is very important to gain feedback. With digitization increasing rapidly, many opportunities are increasingly available in digital marketing. In this course, students better understand user research and analysis for marketing purposes.

Diploma in Data Science

With the rise of digitization in the modern world, data science and analytics are another of the various career options currently on the boom. A diploma in data science provides an opportunity for students to learn about the tips and tricks used in analyzing the data and assisting in the decision procedure. It is helpful for management professionals in gaining higher productivity and proficiency for their businesses.

Diploma in Graphic Designing

Nowadays, the demand for skilled and experienced graphic designers is increasing with social media opportunities. A diploma course in graphic designing provides the basic knowledge of graphics and various Software used for designing. After completing this course, the students get a chance to make their careers as designers, illustrators, etc.

Diploma in Accounting

Students looking forward to having a career in the finance and banking sector of the economy can consider opting for diploma courses in accounting. This diploma course helps me gain an understanding and deep knowledge of financial management. It provides an in-depth understanding of handling all the accounts-related problems.

Diploma in Human Resource Management

The human resource department is available in almost all industries. There is a broad scope of career opportunities in human resource management courses. This course provides knowledge of the basic principles of HRM so that the professionals can assist in increasing the efficiency of the employees.

Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

This course may be a beneficial choice if you want to make a career in logistics and supply chain management. In this course, students learn the basic managerial actions like inventory management, planning, procurement, etc., and risk assessment in logistics and supply chains.

List of Diploma Courses in Canada

Canadian Universities provide a variety of courses that enhance professional skills and open paths to better career opportunities.

Some of the undergraduate diploma courses are listed below:

· Diploma in Culinary Management
· Diploma in Health Office Administration
· Diploma in Justice Administration Services
· Diploma in IT Management
· Diploma in Recreation Therapy
· Diploma in General Arts and Science
· Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
· Diploma in Electrical Engineering
· Diploma in Multimedia
· Diploma in Nursing and Pharmacy
· Diploma in Illustration and Concept Art
· Diploma in Food and Beverage Management
· Diploma in Civil Engineering
· Diploma in Architecture
· Diploma in Fire and Safety Technology
· Diploma in Animation & Multimedia
· Diploma in Fashion Designing

Some of the Post-Graduate Diploma Courses:

· Diploma in Film Production
· Diploma in Justice and Community Services
· Bakery and Pastry Arts Management Diploma
· Diploma in Health Information Management
· Diploma in Computer Programming
· Diploma in Video Designing and Production
· Diploma in Physiotherapy
· Diploma in Biotechnology
· Diploma in Practical Nursing
· Diploma in Cosmetic Techniques and Management

PG Diploma in Canada with Scholarships

Some colleges in Canada offering PG Diploma programs also provide scholarships to international students seeking admission. Popular scholarships in Canada to get a PG Diploma are listed below:
· In Canada, Niagara College offers a scholarship to overseas students having a study permit who enroll in one of their courses. It gives the students a total of 2000 CAD.
· Paul Foundation scholarships: All Indian students looking to study abroad can consider applying for Paul Foundation scholarships. The applicants will be granted around 26,900 CAD to support them financially.
· Women looking for education opportunities abroad can apply for Fork tip Women Innovation Scholarships. The grant they offer is worth 2,000 Canadian dollars.
· Broker fish International Student Scholarships are granted to students to help them pay for their health insurance. The prize money is CAD 1300.

Admission Process

The admission process for diploma courses in Canada varies concerning the college a student applies to. Listed below is a step-by-step procedure of admission for all the Canadian colleges:
1. Enlist the colleges of your choice- while applying for further studies abroad, you must first make a list of your favorite colleges. This list should be based on your research regarding the rank of the college, career opportunities, placements, fee structure, etc.
2. Check for the eligibility criteria – After acquiring a list of colleges, you need to shortlist them according to their requirements. The minimum percentage requirement varies according to different colleges. Also, gather all the required documents for the admission process like LOR, SOP, certificates of your academic qualifications, IELTS scorecard, bank statements, etc.
3. Arrange Funds and Submit the Application – After shortlisting the best college according to your desires, the arrangement of funds is the next valuable step you should take in this process. After this, apply to that college to complete the admission procedure. Universities take approximately a few weeks to process your application. After processing the application, the designated person from the university informs the status of the application (acceptance or rejection) via mail.
4. Fee Deposition – If you receive the acceptance mail, you need to acknowledge the mail by following the steps in the call letter. After this comes the significant and final stage of fee deposition and accommodation arrangements.

Eligibility Criteria

  • If you want to pursue an undergraduate diploma course, you must pass your high-school examination with the minimum marks. The range of minimum marks required varies from college to college.
  • If you want to pursue any post-graduate diploma course, you must have passed the graduation examination with the minimum required marks. The range of minimum marks required varies from college to college.
  • You must have qualified for the IELTS exam(International English learning testing system). This exam is conducted to test a student’s proficiency in the English language.
  • You also have to submit a letter of recommendation (LOR) and a Statement of purpose (SOP)

Jobs after PG Diploma in Canada

As PG Diploma courses in Canada are very career-oriented, obtaining a job after completing a PG Diploma in Canada is not much difficult. PG diplomas in Canada prepare you for jobs in Canada and ensure that you are prepared to work in a global market.
Depending on the subject you choose for your diploma, you can work in related sectors and earn. Salary for a fresh student following a PG Diploma might range from 35,000 to 50,000 CAD depending on the work sector and the student’s employment role.

Student Visa for Canada

to get a study permit in Canada, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Applicants must be enrolled in any educational institution (DLI).
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have the finances to cover living expenses, tuition, and return transportation costs.
  • An applicant must be a law-abiding person without any existing or past criminal record and poses no threat to Canada’s national security. Students may also be asked to submit a police certificate.
  • Applicants must be in excellent health conditions and may be required to acquire and present a valid medical certificate if necessary.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they will leave Canada after their authorized stay expires to an immigration official.
  • Other required documents are Proof of acceptance, identification, letter of explanation, Proof of financial assistance, and SOP for the student visa.

Why choose PG-Diploma instead of a Maters Degree?

Now, one may wonder – if a PGD is going to be a 2-year long course and yet not as valued as a Master’s degree, why should they go for a PGD course? Here are some reasons why-

  1. The skills and knowledge enhancement in a Post graduate diploma are similar to a Master’s; however, the incurred costs would only be a fraction of the Master’s degree.
  2. Additionally, the number of study credits required for a Diploma is lesser: while an MS requires 180 credits, a post-graduation diploma requires only 120 credits.
  3. The diploma courses are highly practicality-oriented, while an MS involves extensive theoretical learning.
  4. The Postgraduate Diploma programs and courses offer several internship opportunities called co-op programs and provide great industrial exposure.
  5. PG Diplomas also provide the benefit of engaging in part-time work options wherein you can work during your vacations, which will help decrease your financial burden.
  6. You may also follow up a Postgraduate Diploma with an MBA or MS; however, a PGD is not a sufficient qualification for getting a Ph.D.


There are multiple universities in Canada offering a post-graduate diploma in various courses for 2 years. With a suitable diploma, one broadens their scope of success in Canada.



A post-graduate diploma costs around 7-11 lakhs INR


The admission process usually begins in the starting week of February.


Students with up to 7-10 backlogs can apply for a PG diploma in Canada. However, this number varies from college to college.


Yes, you can get PR after the PG diploma in Canada, but one must secure a job and gain work experience before applying for Candian PR.

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