VFS Global Issues for Visas in Canada


Do you hope to visit, work, or attend school in Canada? If so, you should be worried about the visa, as it is becoming progressively more difficult to obtain, and many tourists lack adequate knowledge of the frequently changing Canada Visa process.

Everything you need to know about applying for a Canadian visa in India may be found here, including the most recent information released by VFS Global for Indian visa applicants.

VFS Global Issues for Visas in Canada

Canada Visa Updates

Recent VFS Global announcements state that starting on Monday, August 1, 2022, all Visa Application Centres in India would be open from 9:00 am to 17:00 pm (IST) Monday through Friday for walk-in visitors to submit their passports (by appointment only) and get their decision envelopes. Applicants can also stop by the VACs any time between 9:00 and 17:00 Hrs for walk-in information and inquiries.

The first Saturday of August 2022 will be the last for walk-in service.

Passport submission by a reciprocal courier service will remain an available option.

It’s important to note that only visa applicants and their immediate family members are allowed to visit visa application centres to submit passports and collect decision envelopes.

Appointment For Passport Submission

Update On Biometric

VFS Global has previously reported that the IRCC will no longer accept Biometric Instruction Letters that have expired (BIL). Before you visit the Canada Visa Application Centre to enrol in biometrics, double-check that you have a valid BIL.

You must return your passport no later than 30 days after we request it. Within 30 days, you must account for the processing time required to get your passport and present it to the High Commission.

You must fill out the VFS online form to schedule a passport courier pickup.

We cannot accept expired passport submission letters. If an application is not complete, including a passport scan, before the 30-day limit, the application will be refused.

VFS Global Issues for Visas in Canada

Canada Visit Visa

In order to arrange a passport submission appointment for their Canada Visa Application, applicants must visit the proper website to apply and enter an India cellphone number to generate the One Time Password (OTP) (OTP).

Please bear the following considerations in mind while booking an appointment to submit your passport for your Canada Visa Application.

Your letter of submission for a passport is good for 30 days.

Passport submission appointments are free of cost. Beware of anyone who asks for fees for reserving an appointment slot.

Please be very careful while inputting your details in the web form. Your appointment date and time will be given to you on a first come, first served basis. Once the information has been updated, no changes will be made, and the IRCC may not see you if the information in your appointment letter does not match what is written on your passport submission letter.

Letters of appointment will be sent from an email address.

Individual appointments should be arranged for each family member in all categories.

A Canadian visitor visa, or temporary resident visa, is an official document in the form of a sticker that is affixed to your passport. It demonstrates that you’re eligible to enter Canada.

Visas are required for most travellers visiting Canada. If your travels take you via a Canadian airport, you may need one as well. It is possible to obtain a Canadian tourist visa either online or in person.

Documents Required For Canada Visit/Tourist Visa

The following items are required by the IRCC in order to apply for a Visitor or Tourist Visa to Canada:

  • Original passports with at least six months remaining on their expiration date upon arrival in Canada, plus any previously issued passports.
  • Forms for requesting a visa.
  • Photos should be 35 by 45 millimetres in size, have a matte quality, and be 80% face size.
  • Your cover letter should include information about you as an applicant, your planned trip, and any companions you’ll have.
  • Hotel reservations.
  • Tour Schedule for a Week.
  • Airport tickets
  • Employer/school/university original leave letter.
  • W2s or pay stubs for the most recent 6 months, if applicable.
  • Shop Act/Memorandum of Agreement/Deed if Self Employed.
  • Original, up-to-date bank statements showing a healthy balance within the previous six months.
  • Form 16 (Income Tax Return) for the prior three years.
  • Make a photocopy of your student ID if you are a student.
  • Retirement documentation, such as a pension passbook or proof of retirement payments.
  • Other forms of legal tender such as Certificates of Deposit, National Savings Certificates, Individual Retirement Account statements, Property deeds, etc.

Canada Visit Visa Fees

  • Visitor visa (including super visa) – per person 100$ CAD
  • Visitor visa – family (5 or more) 500$ CAN
  • Extend your stay as a visitor – per person 100$ CAD
  • Restore your status as a visitor 200$ CAD

VFS Global Issues for Visas in Canada

What is a Student Visa?

Students from outside the country need a student visa in order to study there. Non-immigrant student visas allow students to study abroad for an academic year or more.

A study visa is most commonly known as a study permit in Canada. Only DLIs have been approved by the Canadian government to accept international students.

Visa Processing Time for Canada Study Visa

Know the potential processing time for your Canada Study Permit application before submitting it. Your application for a visa will go through much more quickly and easily as a result of this.

In most cases, the processing time for a Canadian student visa is between three and four weeks.

But please remember that this is just a rough guess. The time it takes to get an Indian student a visa to study in Canada depends on many different criteria.

8 Factors influencing the Canada Study Visa Processing Time

The embassy or visa issuing authority will begin processing your application on the date they receive it. Following is a list of factors that add to the wait period for student visas:

What kind of application you have put together

Filling out an application thoroughly and truthfully

whether or not evidence in support of the case has been given.

The Immigration Department has a Backlog

How fast you answer the government’s questions and requests

There will be a lag in the application procedure for those who have had criminal convictions in the past.

Your application for a visa was submitted during a ban or travel restriction (due to COVID) that was enacted during that time.

The time it takes to get a visa might also be affected by a change in political administration.

Can I check the processing time for my Canadian study permit?

The answer is yes. Students applying for a Canadian study visa can now see an estimated processing time estimate from the country’s immigration service. If you have applied for a visa and want to see where it stands, you’ll need to visit their website and enter in your tracking ID.

In addition to seeing where your application stands, if you used VFS services, you can do so on their website.

How has COVID-19 affected the Canadian Study Visa application time?

The time of applying for a Canadian student visa has been impacted by the recent spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many visa applications were held up because of travel limitations. Health concerns for both Canadians and visitors abroad motivated this action.

The application process will be extended by 90 days if you are a resident of a high-risk region (such as Iran, China, or South Korea).

Update on Travel Restrictions for International Students

Passengers flying internationally to Canada after January 7, 2021 will be required to show the airline proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

Being enrolled in a Specially Designated School is one of the requirements (DLI) All passengers from provinces and territories on the authorised list must submit a COVID-19 readiness plan that has been approved by the provincial or territorial authority starting on January 7th, 2021.

Foreign students entering Canada need both a Letter of Introduction and a valid student visa or study permit. To verify that a student is eligible for a student visa, a letter of introduction is required.

At now, all newcomers to Canada are required to undergo a mandatory quarantine period of 14 days. This quarantine period applies to all international students.

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many Canadian universities have cancelled or suspended international student enrollment.


Does VFS process Canadian visas?

In other words, who are we? After winning a bid from the Government of Canada, VFS Global agreed to run a system of Canada Visa Application Centres to help people apply for Canadian visas.

How can I find out if VFS Global has accepted my visa?

Verify if this service is offered at the visa application centre you want to visit. You can check the status of your visa application online as well. To access this service, enter your last name and the Reference Number included on the invoice or receipt issued by the Visa Application Centre.

For what reason does the estimated processing time fluctuate?

It’s important to note that the estimated processing time displayed on the site is just that, an estimate. Many authorities base their estimates of processing times on the volume of applications they are currently processing. As soon as the workload decreases, the processing time drops. The waiting time can also increase if there is a delay in the procedure.

When is it optimal to submit an application for a student visa to Canada?

Three months prior to the fall intake is, according to our experts, the optimal period to submit an application. However, enrollment in Canadian universities is often semester-based. Which semester you enrol in depends on your availability.

A new batch of fall applicants will be accepted beginning in September.

Starting in January, we welcome our winter intake.

A new batch of spring applicants will be accepted beginning in May.

When applying for a Canadian study permit, what is the youngest applicant age requirement?

A student permit for Canada requires that the candidate be at least 18 years old. If the candidate is younger than 18, they must bring a parent or legal guardian with them.

How common is it for a Canadian student visa application to be denied?

According to IRCC statistics, over 30% of students have their visa applications denied.

Can I apply for a Canadian Student Visa more than once?

A Canadian study visa can be applied for by anyone, regardless of age. If you are rejected, you must figure out why. You shouldn’t make the same mistake twice. There’s a chance you’ll need to make changes to your application or supporting documentation to prevent further rejection.

How long do you have to wait before reapplying for a Canadian student visa?

If you lose your study permission in Canada, you can reapply immediately. After having your application for a student visa denied, you are eligible to submit an application.

Don’t bother resubmitting the declined application. If you keep getting turned down, it’s time to start applying somewhere else.


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