What are some winter activities in Canada Colleges?


There’s not a single person in this world who is not aware of how epic Canadian winters are. Canada’s winters are snow-laden yet beautiful with opportunities to indulge in plenty of fun and unique winter activities. Even Canadian colleges offer seasonal programs (winter and summer) to keep their students engaged.

Winters don’t always have to be gloomy and boring, which is why, we have prepared a list of popular, common, and fun activities that you can enjoy either alone or with friends, or even with your family members. After all, Canada should also get a chance to welcome you grandly once you set foot on its land

  1. Skating on Ice – One of the most popular winter activities in Canada is skating on ice or ice skating. You can either skate on public ice rinks or even on lakes and ponds that freeze in the Canadian chilly winters. After all, you deserve a good break from your mundane routine of study-eat-sleep-repeat!
  2. Snowman Building – This one is another popular winter activity in Canada. Because you just need a flat snowy surface and plenty of wet ice, this is not only one of the most popular winter activities but also one of the most fun activities that you can indulge in the snowy winters of Canada.
  3. Skiing – Canadian students and international students studying in Canada, don’t let go of the opportunity of skiing which is as simple as sliding down a hill that’s covered in snow from top to bottom.
  4. Winter Camping – Imagine camping in chilly weather in cozy and temperature-controlled tents while enjoying a hot cup of coffee! Amazing. Isn’t it? Well! Canada allows you to do just that in winters.
  5. Northern Lights Viewing – Nights in Canada become even more amazing because of the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis when there is light at night. You can take that all in and be mesmerized by its exquisiteness

2. International Summer and Winter Programs

Many colleges and universities in Canada like the University of Alberta offer international summer and winter programs to students to include fun activities in the curriculum. These courses not only develop students professionally but also provide a multi-ethnic learning environment while emphasizing the importance of sports and fun.

3. Common activities in Canada

  1. Paying a visit to a Ski Resort – If skiing is your kind of jam, paying a visit to a ski resort should top your “To-Do” Activities List in Canada.
  2. Enjoying Winter Carnivals – Winter Carnivals are a great way of telling Canadian Winters “I am ready to embrace you”. There’s food, fun, and frolic in these carnivals. What else do you want?
  3. Making maple syrup – There are many maple syrup festivals celebrated in Canada where you can make maple syrup yourself. Because 85% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Canada, it is a common activity in Canada that takes place at the end of the winter season.
  4. Snowshoeing – You can even glide your way through the snow by indulging in snowshoeing. All you need is footwear that attaches to your shoes and helps you do the same

4. Fun Winter Activities in Canada

  1. Dog Sledding – If it’s winter in Canada, you have got to try this fun activity called dog sledding. You can explore the beautiful snow-covered locales of Canada in a sled dragged by dogs. It is both fun and adventurous at the same time.
  2. Viewing Polar Bears – Because polar bears make their way to the Hudson Bay shores in October and November, these are the best months to enjoy the sight of polar bears.
  3. Staying at Ice HotelIn Quebec, you can actually stay in an Ice Hotel that gets built every year.

Top Winter Activities to explore in the following regions:

Place Top Winter Activities Description Where?
Torontoe 1. Snowshoeing Walk on Snow with the help of footwear specially designed to do so High Park
2. Ice Climbing Climb up your way on snow-covered hills Guelph
3. Tobogganing Use toboggan to slide down icy hills Riverdale Park
4. Skiing Slide down snowy hills using a ski Blue Mountain
Alberta 1. Ice walk Catwalk through a limestone canyon Johnston
2. Viewing Wolf Dogs Give some time to view wolf-dogs in the Canadian winters Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary
3. Riding on a Sleigh Enjoy a ride on a sleigh (It will surely give you Christmas vibes!) The Fairmont
4. Skijoring Enjoy the snowy locales while being pulled by a dog or other animals Throughout Alberta
Banff 1. Helicopter Tour Enjoy the panoramic view in a helicopter Rocky Mountains
2. Gondola Tour Sit in a cabin and reach the top of the Rocky Mountains Banff Gondola
3. Hot Springs Take a warm dip in hot springs and relax Banff Upper Hot Springs
4. Snow Shoeing Walk on Snow with the help of footwear specially designed to do so Lake Louise Ski Resort
Vancouver 1. Hot Chocolate Festival Enjoy hot chocolate served by various restaurants and cafes Vancouver
2. Walk in the Forest Walk your way through dense forest and enjoy the spectacle Pacific Spirit Park
3. Explore a natural area Explore a natural park Stanley Park
Quebec 1. Fat Biking Explore the forest on bikes having buffed up tires Empire 47
2. Ice Fishing Fish out of the ice with special equipment Quebec City
3. Dog Sledding Explore the snowy locales in a sled dragged by dogs Quebec City
Whistler 1. Skiing Slide down snowy hills using a ski Whistler Blackcomb
2. Snowshoeing Walk on Snow with the help of footwear specially designed to do so Whistler
2. Snowshoeing Drive on a snowmobile and explore the snowy land Whistler

5. Best Winter Activities in Canada

Let’s look at the 5 best winter activities in Canada, which we have already covered above.

  1. Skiing
  2. Viewing the Spectacular Northern Lights
  3. Sledding your way on sleds dragged by dogs
  4. Enjoying Winter Carnivals
  5. Indulging in ample sightseeing


You must know by now, how happening Canada’s winters can get. You will be spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing winter activities in Canada. But, when it is your first time in Canada, you need to brace yourself for the harsh climate.

Once you are ready to embrace winter, you will get to enjoy it a lot. So, what do you say? Are you planning to camp out with your friends this winter in Canada? If yes, we are there to encourage you to do so.


Q.1. Which city in Canada has the best winter?

Ans. Toronto is said to have the best winter in Canada, thanks to the unique experiences it offers.

Q.2. Which are the best places to visit in Canada during the winter?

Ans. Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec City, Winnipeg, Whistler, and Ottawa are the best places to visit in winter in Canada as they offer many winter activities like ice skating, staying at an igloo, and winter camping among others.

Q.3. What is the temperature like in winter in Canada?

Ans. The usual temperature in winter in Canada is zero degrees Celsius and below it. It is not common for the temperature to drop to -20 or -30 degrees Celsius but it is a possibility nevertheless.

Q.4. How to dress up when you are in Canada during winter?

Ans. You need to use as many layers as you can to cover yourself up. After all, when it’s winter in Canada, nobody will mind. You need to keep mufflers, jackets, gloves, and others handy.

Q.5. What are the tips to follow to survive the winter in Canada?

Ans. Winter doesn’t suit everyone, especially, if it is as harsh as winters in Canada. You need to stay outdoors only when it is necessary and watch your diet and sleep to survive the chilly weather in Canada.