Working in Canada Without a Work Permit – Everything you should know!


Despite such development, Canada has a significantly less population and needs a lot of skilled and unskilled workers in the upcoming years; hence, it is an excellent opportunity for immigrants.

Working in Canada requires work permit. But many people are surrounded with the doubt that if it is possible to work in Canada without a work permit!

Read the article to know about various skilled and unskilled jobs and working in Canada without a work permit.

About Canada

work permit

The second-largest country in the world is Canada. It occupies most parts of North America, sharing borders with Alaska (USA) in the west and twelve states of the USA in the south, making it the world’s longest border with a distance of 8,891 kilometres. Moreover, the country is surrounded by North Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Arctic Ocean in the North.

The country occupies 8,965,590 sq. kilometres which are slightly larger than the USA. Canada is divided into thirteen sub-national divisions comprising ten provinces and three territories. Canada is split into numerous geographical regions, and its landscape presents a broad spectrum of untouched sceneries. The Canadian Shield, the immense geographical zone, encompasses half the nation and centers on Hudson Bay. Canada’s southeastern parts are loomed by lowlands bordered by the Great Lakes, such as Lake Ontario, Lake Superior, and Lake Michigan.

Canada has a populace of 38 million people (in 2020). That’s the handiest, approximately 10% of the range of the population of the neighbouring USA. The countrywide capital is Ottawa, the most crucial metropolis in Toronto. Spoken languages are English and French. The official website of the Government of Canada is

Working in Canada

Canada needs Educated people

Canada offers many employment opportunities in a variety of exciting areas. This has led many immigrants to choose to work in Canada, promising fair wages and excellent quality of life. Canadians are hard-working people who are devoted and passionate about their work. So if you are qualified and want to immigrate, the good news is that Canada is looking for people like you.

High demand for Tech Jobs

Canada’s technology department is making great strides. With over 40k companies to choose from, finding an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) job in Canada is easy. Technical jobs in Canada are in great demand, with Ontario and British Columbia focusing on inviting highly qualified and experienced foreign technical professionals to live and work in Canada. Established a technology-specific lottery. More than 2500 jobs are always available to qualified tech industry personnel in the Waterloo area.

Casual Friday

If you’re interested in working in Canada, where lazy days are the norm, be aware that Canada is a big fan of lazy Fridays, and employees will be working in jeans and T-shirts. The rest of the week will be in professional clothing. But as companies begin to choose more casual dress codes, this fashion trend is starting to change, as people working in Canada expect to wear casual wear more regularly. The official work dress code hasn’t completely disappeared, but most employees look forward to a lazy Friday every day they live and work in Canada.

Skilled Jobs

Skilled workers are jobs that require a certain level of training or skill. Examples of this work include electricians, administrative assistants, doctors, plumbers, and more. Skilled workers are either workers or whites. These employees need to have many specialized skills to perform their duties effectively.

This means they may have a degree in a relevant discipline that has enabled them to acquire the skills and training necessary to practice their profession. Due to this additional training, skilled labour workers are typically paid more and have more job responsibilities than unskilled labour.

Demanding Skilled Jobs

Web Development

Small enterprises, major corporations, and governmental agencies all employ web developers. Web developers are specialists in the development of applications or programmers. Global Talent Stream Canada’s two-week duration gives web developers a solid path to obtaining a Canadian work permit.

NOC Code:- 2175
Average Salary:- $70,000/-
Similar Jobs:- Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Designing, etc.

Human Resource (HR)

As the business grows, the demand for these vacant seats is relatively high. Recruiters (recruiters) play an essential role in meeting the endless demand in Canada for recruiting candidates. Recruiters are in high demand in career areas such as engineering and technology.

Recruiters seeking a career in Canada must have a bachelor’s degree in areas such as relationships. By becoming a member of the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada and registering as a professional recruiter, recruiters can improve their chances.

NOC Code:- 1223

Average Salary:- $65,000/-

Similar Jobs:- Human Resource Professional.

Software Engineer

In recent years, the demand for software engineering professionals has increased. Most people think of software engineers as people who work only in tech companies, but this has to rely not only on tech companies but also on computer programs and mobile and web apps, and software engineers develop the software. So it applies to any company. Canadian software developers need to learn and master programming and app design. Programming has been one of Canada’s most sought-after jobs for almost two years.

NOC code:- 2173
Average Salary:- $100,000/-


About 70% of Canada’s population wears glasses. The number of people affected by eye problems is increasing daily as people tend to interact more with the electronic screens of mobile phones, desktops and televisions. This growth should be in line with the opticians available in Canada.

To become an optometrist in Canada, you must pass the National Optical Sciences Examinations and register with a state or local regulatory body. This is one of Canada’s most sought-after jobs, and the demand for optometrists is due to the sharp decline in labour-matching jobs in Canada.

NOC Code:- 3231
Average Salary:- $50,000/-

Unskilled Jobs

“Unskilled worker” is an obsolete term used to describe a portion of the workforce associated with a limited skill set or the minimum economic value of the work performed. The correct term is low-wage labour.

According to the Center for Global Development, the terms unskilled and skilled were derived by institutions, politicians, and other stakeholders who have determined the classification of who is strong and who is not in the labour market. It is also outdated to think that the unskilled workforce is characterized by a low level of education, which usually leads to low wages, such as high school diplomas, GEDs, or lack thereof.

Before this, it was characterized by a lower educational qualification. The income of unskilled workers, such as high school diplomas, GEDs, or lack thereof, was expected to be quiet. But in the 21st century, there are jobs for high school graduates and those without a college degree.

Demanding Unskilled Jobs

Truck Driver

Truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. Job Bank, eJobbo, Indeed and other sites currently have more than 3,000 jobs, and truck drivers are on the 2020 job listings in almost every Canadian province and region. Trucking HR Canada will be short of 25k truck drivers by 2023. According to reports, 61% of Canada’s trucking will remain vacant in 2019 and is expected to increase by 25% by 2023.

Canada will welcome 1 million new arrivals in Canada by 2022. Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the Government of Canada continues to accept and process visa applications to close the gap in the Canadian employment market.

When looking for a truck driver job in Canada in 2020, it’s a good idea first to decide where you want to live and work in Canada. To determine where to live in Canada, you need to find a place that is one of Canada’s most reasonable places and offers excellent work opportunities. As mentioned, truck driver jobs are in demand almost everywhere in Canada, but

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, are arguably the most in-demand.

Butcher and Meat-Cutter

Butchers and Meat Cutters – Canada has a thriving retail and wholesale business, offering opportunities for Canadians and internationals. There is no bias present, and taking butchers, seafood sellers, and wholesalers’ perspectives seriously is essential.

As the meat business develops and changes, it is normal for butchers to switch between different professions. For example, a butcher who works in a meat processing factory may work as a store clerk. Some companies employ retail and wholesale butchers as part of their kitchen staff. Other companies hire butchers and workers as salespeople to increase customer interest in their products.

People in this profession:

  • Cut, trim, or otherwise prepare standard cuts of meat, chicken, fish and shellfish for sale at self-service counters, depending on the customer’s order.
  • Mince the meat with a powered meat grinder and slicer and slice the cooked meat.
  • Prepare a special presentation of beef, chicken and fish and shellfish.
  • You can shape roasted and other meats, chicken and fish, string them, combine them and wrap cooked meat, chicken and seafood.
  • Manage inventory, keep sales records, and determine product quantity, line, and freshness according to business and customer needs.
  • Make sure the food storage conditions are appropriate.

Nursery and Greenhouse Worker

Nursery and greenhouse workers are among Canada’s most paid and unskilled jobs. Nursery and greenhouse workers are responsible for producing and caring for all crops, trees and plants used in the home and other places such as offices, farms and fields. Nurseries and greenhouses in Canada have several employment opportunities looking for unskilled workers.

People in this profession:

  • working in indoor and outdoor gardening centers and greenhouses.
  • Serving nursery and greenhouse customers.
  • Often work by hand for long periods.
  • General knowledge of plant biology, plant diseases, insects and the ability to recognize different species.
  • It would be best if you enjoyed coexistence with nature, such as flowers, plants, vegetables and trees.
  • Operates tractors, forklifts, skid steer loaders and special gardening equipment.

Canadian Visa

It is stamped document to travel to that country and live legally, temporarily or permanently. Obtaining a visa to Canada means that the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in your home country will determine that you are qualified and meet immigration requirements. However, upon arrival at Canada’s borders and customs, border authorities must evaluate your immigration status. You can participate by answering the questions of the Canadian Border Services Officer (BSO) honestly and accurately. Otherwise, even if you have a Canadian visa, they could refuse your admission if they think you aren’t allowed to be there and tell you to go back home.

Jobs for Non-Residence and Work permit

Following graduation, you are qualified for a Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which depends on how long you studied there. This permit enables you to work in Canada.

Years of study Years of work permit
1 or less than 1 year 1 year
More than 1 year 3 year

Others who have completed their education outside Canada and are willing to work in Canada must apply for an Open-work permit.

Implication of working in Canada without a Work-permit

You are in trouble if someone works in Canada without a valid work permit. It’s better to leave the country or at least apply for an extension of the work permit before the expiry date. For instance, if you face an accident, you will need proper documents, local police will enquire you, and you will get caught. They will tell you about IRCC and take legal actions such as deporting or even banning up to 5 years.


Canada is a developed nation that requires qualified workers to operate the nation and invites people from all over the world to provide them with an equal opportunity to work there. If you are found working illegally in Canada, the authorities such as IRCC will ban or even deport you from Canada and such records will be on your profile.


How can I get a work permit that is open in Canada?

Getting an open work permit would help if you had a job with a Canadian employer. A state government labour market survey confirms whether a local employer can’t find a Canadian worker for the job.

What are the benefits of having a work permit in Canada?

Canadian work permits allow immigrant candidates to work or retire from abusive employers and look for other opportunities. Work permit holders can benefit from a highly competitive environment for local and international workers.

What if you work illegally in Canada?

If you are found working illegally in Canada, the authorities such as IRCC will ban or even deport you from Canada and such records will be on your profile.

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